Fura or Ametrine?

I am looking at my next purple hero to level up and am torn between these two.

What are the thoughts about these and how useful they are?

To give an idea of my purple bench.

Levelled Purple 5*

Levelled Purple 4*
Cheshire Cat

I do have some other 5* purples unlevelled but don’t have the mats yet so am working on my 3* and 4* benches for the moment.

I have both leveled:

Fura is … ok, not terrible not amazing.

Ametrine takes a little getting used to, but is by far the more useful hero imo.



I must admit I have been leaning towards Ametrine for the novelty of her different mana levels. I am curious to find out how the different levels compare and how often I will need to fire her before she reaches the second or third level.

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Ametrine, she is a 4* Kage


I don’t have Kage at all, though he is certainly a pain for me to come up again.

Who is Ametrine? What do they look like?

She is one of the Ninja heroes (and the only one I managed to pull).

Her special is one that has a different effect depending on whether it is at 100/200/300% mana.

Unlevelled she does the following with her specials, which obviously increase when she is fully levelled up, but I am afraid I don’t know what the maxed figures are as I forgot to note them after I pulled her and she won’t be visible on the rotation until the Ninja tower comes back.

At one charge she dispells buffs from the target and does 185% damage to the target.

At two charges she dispells buffs from the target and nearby enemies and does 220% damage to them.

At three charges she dispells buffs from all and does 265% damage to all.

Ametrine is the 4* ninja I wanted the most (wound up with Shale…meh and Sapphire…nice!). Mini Kage. Hoping to get next time around.

I am greedy, I wanted so many of the new ninjas. I even wanted some ninja troops, and have been saving my ETTs since the last event ready for when it comes back.

I only got Ametrine but I was very happy with her.

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