📯 Fura – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Dark/Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

@Zathrus is correct. I would add too that when I used her on more difficult stages she would fire and cause less than 100 damage because her percentage is so low. That meant the enemies were left with “bonus health” because her HP reduction was more than her actual damage.

I think she was a cool idea that they didn’t take time to adjust properly personally. She is still unique and looks cool I guess. :man_shrugging:



She may not the worst but not useful as my expected. My Fura is +20 (A 765, D 719, H 1263), and I often add her to my Raids team in the past.

Attack power is ok but reduce 100 hp is not that pratical, she is quite weak even I’d emblemed her on defense / hp path, basically she always only fire special 1 to 2 times before being take down. I wonder how her defense state works base on D 719 and H 1263 IMHO…

Reduce 100 hp on each enemy sounds good, but the result is not that obvious when compared to Alfrike, which is a monster and I always dodge to raid with the team tanked with her. I understand Fura is 4* and Alfrike reduces 224 hp, which is a very big difference but is actually Alfrike too strong ? or Fura is too weak (based on 4* standard) ?

The key feature of Fura is hp reducer to me for sure, so I prefer she buff on hp reducing even reduce or remove attack on special, which is more useful and unique.

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Thanks so much for your analysis that started over a year ago. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I took mine just to 3/60 to see if I could try her out but she has almost zero survivability in mid platinum raids at that level. Clearly I don’t want to waste trap tools when I could have a second Rigard (the costume eludes me) or another costume Tiburtus. I’m not considering maxing another Sabina without her costume and Zulag is a waste of Tabards as far as I can tell.

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I am glad that my persistence in the face of obvious disappointment for an entire year was helpful to at least someone :laughing:


You have no idea some of the dreadful mistakes I have made. I was really on the fence about Fura and as I was reading your words of wisdom and increasing dismay. I finally got a handle on how actually limited she really is in both theory and in practice at 3/60. If you hadn’t made it a progress report, it wouldn’t have had the impact it did on me, so thank you again. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Now I can use my trap tools on Boomer and Stonecleave :rofl: :rofl:)

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Stonecleave ? I prefer Fura rather than him. Stonecleave’s dire ghost form is good but no mana grain and can’t be healed by special skill, randomly attack 1 opponent is not that reliable on offence too.

Which is why he languishes at 3/60 with his good buddy Boomer. I’m fairly certain you will find no-one here singing eithers praises. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oic…… :grinning: My Stonecleave is at 3-60 too, and I’m not max him unless he get buff on future game update. I haven’t Boomer yet and not want to have him…… :joy:

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I’d like to try this team in future :smiley:

A fully emblemed sword path Fura has:

840 atk
665 defense
1187 health

Also consider she is a wizard. Where she would shine is during buff booster tournaments and possibly very fast attack as well. Wait for the enemy to buff up, fire Fura before you fire your dispel to take advantage of the wizard jinx passive. That’s potentially a lot of damage.

I already run something similar. opting for jabbar instead of gafar.

Except that she’s usually dead before that happens.

And while it may not be true for everyone, I have vastly better uses for Wizard emblems.

I had her +20 A path at one point. Her tile damage boost was legit.

Talking base model, no emblems, here are my main beefs (probably stated above somewhere too):

  • The damage from her special is irrelevant. In that context think of her like Hu Tao, Justice, or Li Xiu. You’re firing for secondary effects, not to inflict meaningful damage. She can reduce more health than she does damage … it’s really not great. I will say unlike those heroes her tile damage is great.

  • Her HP drop is somewhat of a red herring. It is a nice perk for sure. There is no downside to having it. It is just there to amplify her real use which is 50% reduction to healing. See math above in thread.

  • Her 50% reduction to healing is a great power and gets multiplied by the reduced HP mentioned above. The problem lies in the use. In provinces, and even quests, most bosses don’t heal. Where you run into healers is in raids and PvP scenarios. The issue with that is she is not for D as her special is best with precise timing. On offense it can be useful, but the timing factor can hurt because her survivability is very low.

You can make an argument if an enemy team had enough healers to warrant her she isn’t at great risk of receiving a lot of damage. Conversely even slash attacks at diamond level from emblemed heroes leave their mark on her. You could try going all HP/D with talents to balance this, but I think her stats start so slow it doesn’t help enough to warrant the cost. That’s why I reset and went A path because her biggest asset is tile damage which she doesn’t need to be alive for.

Truthfully the potential is there. I think she should have had her stats tweaked for high HP/D and low attack a la Gormek or something. Her special can wreak havoc with multiples copies of her, but the survivability is haunting you again. You could try building a team based around added protection to her, but I would question if her benefit in general warrants specializing other slots on your team to keeping her alive.

This is all end game standpoint. She is useful coming up into platinum. By diamond and hard stages, etc she is relatively out classed. This is somewhat natural as a 4* though, she is not alone in this. I think the problem of perception comes in with her being S3 you need to be so far along to even get her. It is also difficult compared to some of the monster 4’s S3 had: Gullinbursti, Mist, Brynhild, etc.

That being said at end game stages you have a surplus (typically) of 3* mats. You’re also typically waiting on 4* mats ( :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:), so you gotta do something and maxing a 4* is pretty inexpensive way to pass time.

I like she is unique, I like her special is unique, her A value is great. I do not regret maxing her. Her base stats are inappropriate for the character IMO in original design and she can’t really hang past mid platinum because of that.

Finally, shout out to @Kalis as I would be bereft to not mention that the Poisoner of Whatever town doesn’t actually poison …

She could be tweaked with a stat alignment, but SH has a poor track record of such things with 4*’s. The focus is typically 5*’s with adjustments. I won’t go there in terms of S3 costumes :laughing:. Some people say increase her mana speed. I think that would help mitigate the risk of using her to an extent, but the true error lies in her base stat arrangement. A thought could also be make her effect healing reduction uncleansable and maybe longer duration like 5 turns a la Khagan.

Done rambling :laughing: for now … sorry.



As a F2P I will say that wizard is a really bad class when you’re rolling with mostly vanillas. A lot of the best, or even most serviceable to be honest, wizards are very hard to get. Until very recently the wizard/sorcerer quest was just :poop: dumpster on fire :laughing:. I am over 3 years in.


I like Fura. But if she was to be given a buff, I think the max HP reduction should either be made slightly more or have her dealing poison damage over a few turns, so that the enemy team will do tiny heals over moderate poisoning.

I mean, her realm bonus obviously poisons the enemy team when her HP is at or below 20%, but by the time she’s there, she a hit away from dying or will be healed back over that threshold.

Raffaelle first heal can’t be cut nor stolen nor amplified, he will always heal ppl for 50% hp
However, his HOT is affected by other effects

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