📯 Fura – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Dark/Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

2 in a team would indeed be better. I’ve been playing around with her in dark based teams. She has more than decent tile damage and brings great utility against heal heavy teams, but not for boss fights with 5K hp, that won’t make a dent. It’s not how strong she is by herself, but how smooth she makes stuff go for the rest of your team.


Maybe it would be a good idea to combine her with Almur for an additional health cut and realm bonus?

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Absolutely! Keep in mind that stacking small amounts of HP debuff will ultimately be most useful if the enemies have low max HP to begin with… But Almur’s Elemental defense down (green) opens up combos with huge damage. Honestly, I’d take 2 Almurs if I had them.

Does anyone know if Fura’s 50% reduced healing for the opponent also apply for Field Aid in wars?

I haven’t tested it, but it should…

@Guvnor I really like the polls for the heroes, but sometimes I think the options for the question for her primary purpose are kind of pointless… or the option “a combination of all” is missing. As in this case: I don’t see any of her effects really superior and think THATS what she is great at, and the other effects are nice extras… To me, it’s the combination of all three that makes her interesting.

Surely it should work. I don’t really want to try and test it on purpose unless I know I can win (say, my 5 heroes against just their healer).

Also, on the subject of pols, @Guvnor can you and @zephyr1 make them so you can see results BEFORE voting on some of them? I mean the Seshat thread for example, I don’'t have her yet I want to see what people’s votes are, so I can see at a glance some stats in the polls for what people thin k of her, yet I have to vote first, but I can’t as I don’t have her and use her… I go against her, sure… but the same for other HOTM and other polls.

All polls are able to see results without voting.

Just have to hit the button “show results”.

Here yes, but not all (or a lot) of polls.
Take the Seshat discussion for example: ℹ Seshat – 5* Dark/Purple HOTM

Only ONE out of all of them is possible for me to show results, the rest all say:
Results will be shown on vote.

Just asking if, in future you guys could possibly allow us to see results on all (or most)?

Strange. Thought I’d changed the setup.

It can be changed in arrears but will reset the polls.

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Not to worry obviously for current ones, but for future ones it’d be greatly appreciated :grin:

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Chatting with my mate who has Fura, how would she work against Raffaele?

Would she reduce his initial heal up to half health down to maximum of 25%?

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I read somewhere that someone tried to see if Triton’s healing buff (+39% increase for any healing received) affected Raffaele’s “heals allies […] to 50% health”-part, and it had no effect, so I would assume that Furas debuff doesn’t affect it either.
However, since their total max health would be lower than originally, naturally 50% of that new, lower total HP would be lower than normally and therefore not healing quite as much as before.

For example: Raffaele heals a wounded ally with 1100 total HP to 550 HP. If Fura later hits that ally, she brings that ally’s total health down from 1100 to 1000. Then Raffaele would heal them to 500 instead. It’s not a lot, but it’s something!

(To be clear: I have no way of testing this, this is only a speculation on how these mechanics work based one other person’s findings and personal assumptions.)

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So the Poisoner of Svartalfheim doesn’t actually… poison? Big swing and a miss.

The reduce max HP has proven to be very useful for those pesky healers on the wing during field aid.

Between her and Alfrike, I absolutely love what’s coming out of this realm.

I can confirm the Triton part mate. But his 39% works really well with Raffs heal over time (i did the maths somewhere in the Raffaele thread)


Me too!
The only problem I have with Fura, is she seems to get attacked and dies easily no matter if I stick her as Flank or Wing… They seem to always kill her first :frowning:
So with this, I would advise anyone who likes her to increase her health and defense using emblems. Sadly, I only have her on +5 Talent. I don’t want to remove anything from Proteus (+18) or Kiril (+9) because I use both in Events/Wars etc.

Wizard emblems are a hot commodity. I think we’re all in the same predicament.

Unfortunately both Fura and Alfrike are dark wizards from the same realm. Alfrike will be flanking Telluria for me for the foreseeable future, so Fura will stay 4/70, but be used every war.

Still would love to see Fura have a small poison effect with her special as well. That would be the icing on the cake and make her my new bae over Mist.

I can help you here on Seshat. No need to wait for polls. If you can get her, get her. She is a Bada$$. Although her special hit at 400% isnt a super killer, her minions and super fast charge with dark link ( I have 2 of her) is insane. with the dark link and mana troop, she can charge with only 3 tiles and her minion build can make her almost impossible to kill before she charges on you…twice

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I got around to leveling her, I was finishing up a project when I first pulled her. She is 52/70, so almost there.

Anyway, I have about 300 emblems to put on her as I have no other good wizard prospects. I am having trouble deciding which way to go with her.

She has a high A value, so focusing on that could make her tile damage huge. That being said her biggest value is the enemy HP drop, which almost makes her a support hero. I usually go HP/D on support heroes as they need to live.

Perhaps it is a happy medium between the two that is the answer? I would like to hear if anyone else has done this yet. She will get fairly heavy use from me on raids, province, and trials depending on enemy colors, so not a niche hero in my roster.

Good luck out there!

From using her, I would honest say go for health and defense. Her attack is good already, but her main roll for me is to cause a little damage with the 50% heal and health reduction, so you want her alive to be able to perform her special as many times as possible.

She dies too easy otherwise


Here she is all D/HP path:

She saw a few levels (12 & 13 maybe?) in Teltoc Legendary and did okay. I certainly need to see her more to get a better sense. She died in one stage from near 100% health from two immediate slash attacks from bosses.

I did notice one weird thing that I am not sure if anyone else has. I used her power to start a stage hitting fresh mobs. Her damage was less than 100 to them. What I noticed is even though she reduces HP by 100, if her damage is less the enemies keep the difference. Basically they have “surplus” health so if they were immediately healed they would get nothing, but the health is there until the damage catches up to the HP drops. I didn’t expect that, but it kind of makes sense.

Good luck, cool hero I think.


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