Fura hp decrease + Kage specials

When Fura is fired and lowers enemy HP, does that become the new health that heroes like Kage and Ursensa look at when determining how hard they hit? If so, Fura + Kage would be deadly since Fura does a little damage of her own, will almost bring a hero to one shot kill range for Kage.

This is a great question. Would love to know the answer.

What I found from some preliminary tests is that when Fura strikes the health is reduced and would then be the new number other heroes specials are based off of.

That being said, I have seen where Fura does less damage then she removes health. In this case the difference in health stays on as “bonus health” until damage catches up to the true max HP. I do not know how the “bonus health“ in that case plays into subsequent specials from other heroes.

Again, these were found with a small sample size so it may not be completely accurate.

Asked previously:

Is there any chance they’ll change the ui so we’ll know whether a hero is below/above 50% health?

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