Funny Challenges for your Teammates?

A lot of players have completed “Thanos Challenge”

I’m looking for fun ideas on challenges that I can use within my alliance :partying_face:

So… If you are having fun in your team with something which is not a huge “time robber”…

Please comment below… :star_struck::arrow_down:

Beating teammates defence with 3* team

Beating teammates with 3 heroes team against their normal 5 heroes defence

Making horizontal line of dragon bombs in first line, this one is really hard.

Making 3 color (or less but probably imposible) board, can be aftermatch like mine:


@Math4lyfe I believe is a good with this sort of thing.

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We’ve done some raid bingo with some fun criteria… it’s been awhile so I’m sure it could stand to be updated. Line id is lafontaine4 if you’d like me to send you what I have.

Thanks for the tag @Dudeious.Maximus :hugs:


Try to have most of one color on the board.
No matter if you fight a team mate or wherever. Proof by screenshot.


I make a kind of roulette with my teammates, I sort one of them, then I sort which tactical formation to use, and try 2 battles, if I lose one of battles, then I try one more time.

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I gave them a raid challenge.

Only male heroes - No Mono - friend flags - Fastest victory wins :blush:

I have made Raid bingo in the Past. That is super fun :grin::meat_on_bone:

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We used a raid Bingo in our alliance, the most difficult square to complete was beating a 7D or Crystal Palace player


A personal challenge I am doing for myself is mono class defenses, see what kind of power I can out up in a single class. My rangers for example are over 4400 power lol.

We did rainbow healer only challenge…

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