Funniest Alliance Name

Cross fingers aha thanks


This one made me laugh!


props to clever ol’ @Vixx



screen grab of @voidstrike from LINE


It’s the Hands free dialing that really Impresses people — folks at the stoplight we’re speechless … they didn’t even wave back…

Out of likes, out of leftovers — so good night :slight_smile:


props to @Pohiroshima

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Nanny Ogg’s Trans Coven
props to @LanaR :kissing_closed_eyes: :ok_hand:

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Check the name and ally.

:rofl: :rofl:

Now see, I think those names are funny, and they’re allowed in game. Yet I would quickly get warned if I posted anything like it on the forum.

Vice versa. There are words that get censored here on the forum, but not in alliance or global chat. And other words that get censored in chat, but not here on the forum.

I would like further clarification please on what in the H eee double hockey sticks exactly counts as “inappropriate”, as well as how and why those standards differ between the game and the forum itself.

Asking for a friend. :laughing:

I think it’s quite clever. Perhaps context (and spelling) makes a difference :joy::rofl:

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Oh I think so too! But I was just subtly cautioned about using too many thinly veiled suggested / blurred profanities in my memes, with the understanding that this is a “family friendly” forum.

None of these things offend me personally, I’m just trying to figure out where exactly the line is being drawn between what is appropriate vs. what isn’t, so that I can know how far I can safely go myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just thought they were a group of seasoned fishermen that don’t use artificial flies.


One way to know for sure. Just ask Your Mom.

… seeing as how she is an elder there, and all…


Well, check out Your Mom’s level. Yes, she is that experienced.

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Your Mom certainly does have quite a few cups under her belt.

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She certainly did last night. Oh yeah, I went there :rofl:


You raided Your Mom? That’s just savage.

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I’ve seen:

It Burns When I PvP
E&P Gave me Harpies

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