Fundraising for Farmer Ben

I’m trying to help a fellow gamer named Farmer Ben who was part of my alliance family(Pinky N the Brain) for 3years. Some of you may have had the pleasure to know him… He visited a lot of alliances and produces a YouTube channel to help fellow gamers. Now he needs help… Please read, share and consider donating. I appreciate it. And Ben doesn’t know I’m doing this so please don’t tell him.


Ben is a good guy. I hope he gets a lot of support for this. I will spread the word :slight_smile:


Thank you. Ever since I met him he has been a friend and I want to see him get a leg up. I sincerely appreciate it. So far we are up to $350! That makes me happy. And so anyone knows he has no clue I’m doing this. He never spends for gaming but he sure has helped so many players. He is just a good mate.

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