Functionality broken on IE11?

Bug & Issues not with the game but with the forum? I was informed by @Rook to try to reach out to @Coppersky

Not sure what is going on, but perhaps since a day or two ago, the previewing pane/frame on the right hand side is no longer displaying anything as I am making a post / responding to a post, like it had been before.

To those that are still a bit confused, I am talking about writing on a computer, which is still my preferred method of browsing the web.

I’ve noticed this behavior when I am using Internet Explorer 11, but not if I am using a separate browser like Microsoft Edge. To illustrate, I’ve screen capped both instances of this post under different browser settings.

The first one is under IE11, the second one under Edge. Notice the same post I am working on, but the first image, the right preview pane is blank, but the second one shows the preview?

Now I know what some of you might say, just start using other browser or why are you still using IE, should’ve switched to blah blah blah, some of us have grown used to a certain piece of software that we would still like to continue using if we can. I’ve noticed IE behaving strangely with other websites as well.

Is there something that’s known that is causing this? Or is this Microsoft’s silent way of telling users that it’s trying to do away with IE and want to push you to use Edge from now on?

@Petri @Coppersky

This is beyond my ability…help! :wink:

I can’t see it being anything specific on the forum side. I know that every so often it gets updates, maybe one of those happened and that’s when you lost the IE11 preview functionality. That’s just a best guess. I’ve not heard complaints of this before.

@Coppersky and @Rook

Thank you for responding. I wonder if other IE11 users are experiencing the same issues.

@Petri - Just checking if you have any ideas whether other forum users may have somehow experienced the same issue. Issue being the Preview texts does not appear on the righthand side under Internet Explorer 11.

Well, just to let you know @Rook, @Coppersky, and @Petri, for the past few days, I just realized the preview pane under IE11 is working properly again. Not sure what happened and there were no Windows Updates recently that may have done anything.

But it is working again.


Odd, but very happy for you! :smile:


Ever since the previous posting, the preview pane on the fight not showing up as I type under IE11 kind of happened again, then worked again, then disappeared again, until now it finally does show up again.

But now, there seems to be another issue with IE11, as I type, if I were to reference a poster with the @ symbol to bring up a list, the browser would actually hang up (with the IE is non-responsive due to a long-running script), and nothing usually happens if you click the stop script, and if you don’t do anything, the browser would close and reload to the last saved spot (typically a few words before you start using the @ symbol).

I am using MS Edge now to finish typing some of the most recent messages where I had to tag someone, but yeah, looks like more and more deviation away and less and less support for IE11…

Changing this subject to functionality broken under IE11, since it appears to be different issues now.

SGG didn’t create this forum themselves, it’s powered by Discourse software.

I see, perhaps it is compatibility issues with Discourse then, that IE11 is been having. Old habits are hard to break (on my part, at least).

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