"@" Function in Chat – Tagging or Mentioning Players in Chat


it would be very nice, if there was a “@” Function in the Chat.

Maybe, by clicking on a name of someone in the chat, it enters @playername before the message.

It would be much easier for the communication in Alliance and Global chat.

Do you think about same function I already made a topic for with “Get in contact with other Forum members”?

No, it’s not like a personal message, its still in the chat (which all can read) but so make it easiert for the ppl to see what “comment” is for whom.

Edit: And im talking about the game chat, not the forum :slight_smile:

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Hey Stuhry,

you can do that by replying to the members message instead of sending a reply to the member that opened the topic. You can for sure add @whoever as well when answering. Also at the button for your Avatar it pops-up that somebody replied to your commend and you get the mail notification for sure. So I am not quite sure what is your idea then.

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He/she is talkin about in game chat such as alliance chat or public chat. Not forum. Think that’s where misunderstanding is. Could be wrong tho. I actually like the idea since SG is against private messaging, this could make it easier to contact players without sending them a private message, especially in the public rooms.

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What I’d like to have in an Alliance Chat is an ability to copy/paste alliance member nick names into your message editor. Some of names could be quite complicated and type them manually on a cell phone is not an easy task. Especially if a nick names uses characters that are not available in your keyboard layout.


“He” would be correct :slight_smile: And yes, it’s about the ingame chat (alliance / public / … )

Yes, this would be a nice feature too.

I generally like the idead but…
Since there are no unique names in E&P it’s hardly possible to implement the “@” function imo.
I know some people would say that “only member who write in the chat can be mentioned” but even then it would be to much programming to filter those names I think.


This would be so incredibly helpful, especially for leader. To be able to tag members when comments need directed to them or for everyone when answering a question.

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Niantic’s Ingress does this. It does not work at all.

Best solution currently

Line app - security issues - or Discord app - learning cliff instead of a learning curve - are two of the best solutions to this problem.

I know Discord allows you to set up alliance Announcement, war, titans sub groups and individual users can set notification levels ( on for important, off for too busy ).

Currently Empires only has alliance chat, but with Line app or Discord app you can set up co-leader sub chat and elder sub chat.

Click for Longer explanation

Background of problem

Being a mod in Book of Heroes chat and forum, personal communication is abused regularly to harass, stalk, and abuse. This consumes an insanely large amount of development cycles that can not be used on the game itself.

Empires forum ( Discourse.org software), Line app, and Discord app are built around the problem of user harassment, stalking and abuse, so development cycles are already budgeted for combating these problems.

Niantic tried to get around the problem with chat @user which does not work.


On Empires forum, @user Works because everything you write here is preserved. Similarly on Line app and Discord app.

With chat servers the writing, and notifications, decay. On a busy server they can decay, or be obscured, in minutes.

Additional Empires forum, Line app and Discord app have desktop versions that make organizing, and producing, messages much easier. While having fully functional mobile versions, the desktop version is actually much better.


Yeah, thats why we use Line now :smiley:

But it’s hard to get all Members to use line… If the ally don’t used it before.

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I would welcome a feature, which points out to you that someone has mentioned you in alliance chat. Let’s say there’s war going on and you want to grab the attention of someone who’s online and could help the team effort if they attacked immediately.

The way I see it work is that you write @ and the alliance member name to tag them (just like Facebook tagging). The person sees that there’s a new message in the chat, but they would also see a new symbol indicating that they have been called out specifically. In the chat, the tagged names would be highlighted. The tag would stay even after opening the chat, but the notification would disappear.

I imagine people not wanting to read old messages about them, so the tag and the notification would disappear if it gets 50 messages old.

  1. I believe that it should work only in the alliance chat, not in the global chat. Cause in the global chat… well, it won’t help, cause the global chat is just a flood-box with alliance ads )) Also, it would be resource-greedy and it would be hard to mention someone because of many name collisions.

  2. I’d go further and add a popup notification in the game for the person that was mentioned. Maybe even a push notification.

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The leader in our group actually set up basic rules to join our group only - join to fight Titans and the alliance wars. However, some of the members never check the chat but still follow the basic rules. They don’t join LINE group, either. It becomes impossible to talk to them when we talk about strategies such as the unified same colored tank but in the meanwhile, we can’t op or kick him/her out as he/she does not violate the rules we set up. I am aware that some issue might occur if PM being added in the game from the previous topics here. However, if there is a way still being able to call them such as “@” someone in the Alliance chat as we do in the group chat in LINE, at least he/she would be notified that he was being called in the chat to follow the discussion we made.

Wouldn’t an easier solution just be to make a new rule: everyone needs a LINE ID?
It really isn’t difficult to setup and join.

Although, an @ system would still be great, sometimes chat can get confusing or if you see them in game you may want to quickly tag and notify them so they see the message (not to kill a titan, or anything)

Well, as most of the other recruiting messages for a new member on other groups in the global chat, joining LINE is just an option, not a must until they ask. We also consider LINE as something private as well. Therefore, it seems better for people just to check the messages in the alliance chat in the first place and only until they decide to stay with us, they could ask to join themselves. If they don’t even want to check the message in the alliance chat, asking to them to join LINE would be even more impossible though… Plus people come and go often, they probably won’t even bother to join LINE in the first place.

This is something that would be very useful.
Is there a way we can push this with the developers.
Can we vote for improvements we would like to see?

If you scroll up to the top of the post, there is a “Vote” button immediately to the left of the post title. Click there to add your support to this idea!

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