[Fun] What is your favorite odd/ weird/ crazy team for 8-7?


If you use looties, it doesn’t matter what team you choose, does it?

Tile dmg rainbow fast farmers:



Here is my team for 8-7 when I’m bored and want to work on my board skills.

Troops are a bit heavy…



I once used an all-minion team, Red Hood, Inari, Mother North, Buddy and Rudolph…mostly because of a discussion with other teammates asking about if minions of different types stack with each other - - - -It turns out they do! It was funny to watch but took FOREVER as you had to wait for all the minions to cycle through after every turn lol.

Which is also why I don’t use the “minionators” on titans, eats up precious time, but I do use them frequently for wars and raids.

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I said autofarming, not loot tickets, there were no loot tickets a year ago, so there was no confusing on what I meant when I typed it :wink: .
Anyway, if you let the AI figure it out, I think fast snipers are the way to go (although I do use Lepus too, he is even better, because should the ai use him right, he takes out 3 and is still fast).



Efficiently speaking should be close to rainbow, no healers and only aoe heroes > ljohn, skittle, colen, lixiu etc



I farm 8_7 with Buddy Lianna Lj only

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Forgot to change the team after completing rare quest…



Lj. Skittle, lixiu, tiburtus, colen




20 characters…




I was going to post a new thread asking What’s the theoretically fastest 8-7 farming team but was redirected by the forum to this thread which would probably be better placed. As someone who likes to horde loot tickets until I need to deploy them (primarily in 2:1-5 or 23-11), I usually run 8-7 on Auto a lot. Using @Razor’s amazing hero utility guide (https://www.titanmafia.com/ to plug for his help), here is the team I’ve been using so far:

Elk is 3/70, Grimm is max+7, Hood is 3/70, Quintus is 2/60, and Hu Tao is 4/70. It works fine for the most part, except when Elk and Grimm hit on the edges or the AI makes a 7/10 bowling split and forces the area damagers to choose, and Hood isn’t ideal as she barely kills most of the monsters at 3/70, sometimes leaving one or two at almost dead which are then cleaned up by Quintus and/or Hu Tao AND Hood’s Fox animation can really slow down the entire farming operation, especially if a red tile ghost cascade causes her to fire multiple times which has happened to me personally. Quintus could practically nuke an entire board at 1/1 which was exciting which is why he immediately was thrown onto the Yeti team, but being slow is a problem, and Hu Tao is a farming champ since he’s not great for much else for me now.

So that said, here is my theoretical fastest yeti farming team:

I’m not sure on ordering, but I’m not sure it really matters, and of course none of them really need to have max ascension materials because most of the monsters will die to them at 2/60 or 3/60 anyway. I chose them because of special speed, high damage, and all-hitters from each respective color because in my theoretical criteria, you’re always playing on auto so a full rainbow all-hitter team is best because the AI can’t screw up by flushing missing hero tiles or aiming suboptimally. Kadilen is an honorable mention. Zeline does more damage to Ice which is “better” on 8-7 but is harder to get. Kadilen is far more reachable for the vast majority of people.

Anyone else have any better suggestions? Maybe “fastest team with classic TC20 heroes”?

Keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Always playing on auto without influencing the outcome
  • Must have full rainbow farming team
  • As fast a clear as possible on average
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Just because I couldn’t stop thinking about it, restricted only to 4* rainbow classic heroes, here is my ideal build and ordering:

It suffers a bit due to Purple/Blue only having pulverizers as hitters which means that on a 3 monster spread, they’ll suboptimally target 66% of the time, but on a 4 monster spread, they’ll suboptimally target only 50% of the time. Li Xiu is the sandwich because at average speed, she can recover quickest in case a pulverizer leaves one monster behind. Little John was chosen because of a faster animation fire than Skittle.

And if we can include the 5* classic heroes, I came up with this:

Kadilen is leftmost because at fast speed, she can clear and recover quickest, and Li Xiu follows up just because of speed as well. There just isn’t a better all-hitter than Li Xiu in the classic yellows. I chose Elena over Azlar because the counterattack might matter, I dunno. It’s really a toss up between the two, but Elena would probably do slightly more damage at lower ascensions. I ordered Isarnia and Quintus the way they did because of that terrifying yeti stage where they might not die immediately, there’s a chance that Isarnia might do a defense down before Quintus pops off a huge explosion of an ending. It really results in the same thing either way, but Quintus at least gets bigger numbers which could be more satisfying when one is just peeking in to check progress.

Getting back to the original spirit of the topic, I like to use unleveled heroes on 8-7 too just to see how they play out. I had this weird 1-1 team of Chesire Cat, Kadilen, QoH, Frida, and Wu Kong which made me learn a lot of things. Not much, and the monsters still die really fast to 1-1 5*, but it was enlightening all the same.



(When Autoplaying)

You could want to swap the order, with 5t.AoE first and 3t.AoE later to decrease the chances for AI to misfire and to use two 3t.AoE special instead of one 5t.AoE

You could even put the less damaging 5t.AoE First of he would still surely kill the mobs, to keep the damaging ones for the boss’ wave.

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AoE rainbow autofarming 8-7

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What level are your Boomer and Agwe? They didn’t seem to do so hot that time around.



They’re still teenagers. :wink:

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