[Fun] What is your favorite odd/ weird/ crazy team for 8-7?



If you use looties, it doesn’t matter what team you choose, does it?

Tile dmg rainbow fast farmers:


Here is my team for 8-7 when I’m bored and want to work on my board skills.

Troops are a bit heavy…


I once used an all-minion team, Red Hood, Inari, Mother North, Buddy and Rudolph…mostly because of a discussion with other teammates asking about if minions of different types stack with each other - - - -It turns out they do! It was funny to watch but took FOREVER as you had to wait for all the minions to cycle through after every turn lol.

Which is also why I don’t use the “minionators” on titans, eats up precious time, but I do use them frequently for wars and raids.


I said autofarming, not loot tickets, there were no loot tickets a year ago, so there was no confusing on what I meant when I typed it :wink: .
Anyway, if you let the AI figure it out, I think fast snipers are the way to go (although I do use Lepus too, he is even better, because should the ai use him right, he takes out 3 and is still fast).


Efficiently speaking should be close to rainbow, no healers and only aoe heroes > ljohn, skittle, colen, lixiu etc


I farm 8_7 with Buddy Lianna Lj only



Forgot to change the team after completing rare quest…


Lj. Skittle, lixiu, tiburtus, colen



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