[Fun] What is your favorite odd/ weird/ crazy team for 8-7?

[Fun] What is your favorite odd/ weird hero team for farming 8-7 ?

[edit] When you are bored of running your strongest hero team on auto play, how do you make it fun?

One of my odd/ weird/ crazy teams for manually running 8-7:

Purple Thoth-Amun 1/8 5* 1.1 Skeletal Summon
The minions are soooo cute. The only way they could be cuter would be changing them to saber tooth cat skulls with gold bells and red collars. I haven’t started leveling Thoth-Amun because there are three 4* purple heroes I need to level first.

Yellow Hu Tao 2/8 4* 1.25 Sonic Wall
Blind. All. the. Things! Really, 8-7 farming is more fun if the monsters are all blind. I was leveling Hu Tao ( Sonic Wall ) and Wu Kong ( Gambler’s Stance ) equally, until I found out the fun of Spirit Link+ Berserker Fury+ Gambler’s Stance.

Green Brienne 4/8 3* 3.50 Berserker Fury
Normally I run a healer in my green slot ( Kashhrek the HP tank, Melendor the high attack stat debuffer, Belith the debuffer tank, Friar Tuck the middle between tank Belith and attack Hawkmoon ) but farming 8-7 doesn’t require any healing, so Brienne is my current best offensive green hero ( Spirit Link+ Berserker Fury+ Gambler’s Stance is loads of fun ).

Blue Grimm 8/8 4* 4.47 Ramming Pulverizer
Boring. But Ramming Pulverizer+ switch target+ Blade Barrage equals defeated Highland Yeti Bosses so I save Grimm and Scarlett’s special skill for wave 4/4. Grimm and Scarlett have high attack stats which also speed up farming. Grimm and Scarlett are practical choices.

Red Scarlett 8/8 4* 4.60 Blade Barrage
Boring. see Grimm.

P.S. We need more 3* and 4* healers.

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Lol, I usually want to be quick while farming, so now I usually run Lianna, Domitia, Marjana, Sonya and Chao. I find Wu very annoying during farming, because heroes will miss and that is xtra moves :wink:
But I like odd teams for higher lvls, there was someone on the forums who posted some challenges, like all blues and so on,

But more 4* healers? There is Melendor, Sabina, Rigard, Kashrekk, Kiril and Boldtusk. Seems sufficient, right? More 5* healers, yes please (regular, not heroes of the month).

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Lj, tib, Grimm, li xiu and gormek super fast to farm as specials kill all


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I love Thoth in farming. He picks off those annoying edge monsters that you don’t happen too have any tiles under.

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If I’m not doing autoplay, I’ll use 3* heroes like Isshtak or Ulmer stacked with Wu’s special to maximise their multi-enemy specials, and Kadilen because her special can knock out all of the enemies on a single stage w/o Wu. If I’m not hard up for kits or swords, I’ll farm 7-4 more often when filling monster chests just to watch Kadilen do the Hulk smash.

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Kadilen and Li Xiu are both great as are most AE’s for the win on farming.

@Banutu that is a great team for farming but Sabina? :slight_smile:

Interesting about Thoth Kerri I may try that on the alt for giggles over tibby just to see.

Has high Atk and I get plenty purple tiles

I think there is a difference if you autoplay or do it yourself. The AI isn’t very intelligent, so will use Colen for 1 monster with almost no health left and kill only side monsters with Tib. So on autofarming I think fast mana single hitters are fastest. Before I had those I used the slow kill all heroes too. And before that I used Wu Kong, because I had a lot of healers and just a few hitters.
And I think it is fun when Lianna takes out one of the bosses in 1 shot :wink:

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One of my odd/ weird/ crazy teams for manually running 8-7:

Purple Thoth-Amun 6/8 5* 2.52 Skeletal Summon

The minions are soooo cute. The only way they could be cuter would be changing them to saber tooth cat skulls with gold bells and red collars.

Green Peters 8/8 4* 3.60

Most of my green are healers or buffers. Peters is my only sniper. Maximum level with farmable ascension items. Strong versus blue mobs, neutral versus green bosses.

Green Melendor 8/8 4* 4.70

My highest attack stat green. Also my only Tier 4 Green. Don’t need healing for 8-7, but best board damage of my healers and buffers. Double strong versus mobs, double neutral versus green bosses.

Blue Grimm 8/8 4* 4.70 Ramming Pulverizer

Boring. But Ramming Pulverizer is useful against Double highland yeti bosses. Grimm also has high attack stat which also speeds up farming. Grimm is a practical choice

Blue Grimm the 2nd 8/8 4* 3.41

Double neutral versus blue mobs.

P.S. We need more 3* healers and a 4* yellow healer.

Going through the earlier stages with an unleveled team is my idea of fun.

Check out this rainbow team: 2 slashers, 2 ripostes, exploding gifts & elf minions!

Buddy’s leveled up to liven things up a little :smile:

Hello everyone- morning - afternoon - evening where ever you may be around the world.

So… forgive me if this has been done before . I’m wayyy too lazy to check. So sorry.

Farming… you may feel bored, same old same old . But recently I’ve actually been having rather a lot of fun! ( maybe too much ) .
So I’ve started trying to see if I can get a lot of crystals on the board - or a lot of dragons & it’s made me wonder… what is the maximum you could possibly get? So on the dragons I’ve done 4 so far I have proof too I think I’ve hit 5 but no proof - so I was wondering if possible that for a bit of fun we could add a screeny of our best- anyway just a passing thought to make farming fun.

I’ll be interested to know - thank you.

I’ve started farming with wilbur, misandra, tarlak, mok-arr and delilah. Am enjoying the +10% attack family bonus. :smiley:

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Not farming but a nice blue tile generation, with a eat-all diamond

And a farming one but I’m not sure if I got more than this

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There was something about making crystals on a board…

There is also a topic about how far you can go in provinces with a single hero.

Recently I started farming with newly acquired and not completely leveled heroes (Ameonna, Danzaburo, Sumitomo) to see how they work. It is also interesting to see how far I can go with them.

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Got my 5 dragons :+1:

Wow… ■■■■ that’s a lot. Thank you for sharing

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Here is about one hero challenge


Great work- thank you. :+1:

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