Fun Defense Teams to fight against?

We all agree that if you’re not competing for top spots, putting your best defense out there just causes you misery. Basically in this game, your best offense WILL NOT keep up with the trophies your best defense will provide.

That said, many of us deplore cup dropping for its own sake, so it’s hard to just throw a subpar defense down. So I thought, how about we think about it from other users’ perspective.

  • What defenses would be fun to play against?
  • Who are some heroes with fun or quirky powers that would be interesting/new to face in a subpar lineup?

Atomos might fit the bill, as he has a unique ability that can create some interesting situations for you (not always, of course, but I’ve been bit by him before).

Basically, what if we thought about defense not as about power but about providing fun to others? What heroes would we be talking about?

I personally go hard after teams with a reflect tank. Elena, boril, obakan. I was lucky enough to get kageburado and he really shines against these tanks.


Agree, Kage makes me way less afraid of reflectors. It’s always like, oh I can just cut through one and wait the rest out. :smiley:

Chameleon, Merlin and Danzaburo would mix things up a bit!

I only have Danza out of those, but you’re right…you wouldn’t know what you were gonna get. I’m going to swap him in!

I don’t have Chameleon, I was just thinking of heroes I’ve fought that have some weird or gambling powers haha. (I do have Merlin and Danza though)

You never know if Danza will hit you or freeze himself so that’s quite fun to watch out for

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I think my rule in general is that if i can survive the tank firing twice, then i m pretty sure i can beat them. So, with kage in my team, reflectors are ok, snipers are ok, blinders are ok, slow DoTs are ok. i dont like (but can manage) some mana controllers. Telly is difficult. Have to charge grazul up before telly fires. If i can, then i have a higher chance of winning.
I have limited 5* heroes so im picky with whom i go up against.

I have fun if i win. So haha, this relates to the OP…

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Cool topic, thanks @TheDayHasCome!

I enjoy fighting against heroes I don’t see often, period. Truthfully the list of “usable” heroes at the top level is pretty small, so my list for heroes I don’t see often would be too long to type out. Variety is the spice of life, the weirder the better! :ok_hand:

I will try to think of some cool line ups when I have more time later.



Maybe I’m reading it wong, but you seem to be trying to say that you’re gaining cups on defense and losing them on offense… if that’s the case, we must be playing different games, because to me it’s always been the other way around… offense wins cups that defense loses over night…


I love seeing Elena and Magni in tank position.

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Interesting. :thinking:

When Boril was my main tank I loved going up against teams with hit-all characters on them. Charge up Boril; hold on special. Deliberately charge up the hit-all character. Let the fun proceed! :grin:
I still look for those teams in wars. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then there’s the Wilbur battle. “You have a Wilbur? I have a Wilbur! I’ll undo your Wilburing by Wilburing you after you Wilbured me by Wilburing you!”

Mono colour defence teams are fun to fight against in their own way as well.


Speaking of fun defenses…
Wouldn’t it be fun to have war or PVP be setup to require the same team for defense AND offense. Think basketball as opposed to football. Revenge attacks in raids would require the attacker to use the defense they had out there and the defender would have his attacking setup as defense. The same could be applied to war perhaps. (I’m not saying every war.) That would mix up things in a fun way. You’d have to devise teams that were good each way.

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Last I have tried, it’s theme defense for my own fun :slight_smile:
Guardian falcon, rigard, boril and green and yellow walkyries, defense must wear helmets !
Other themes : blue eyes or old héros with beard…
And yes I have 5*


More and more it’s becoming clear that the game is severely different at different cup levels, what’s your cups? I’m talking about the 2300-2500 range. The top of that range is all Telluria all day, but I would guess nobody in that range has the offensive firepower to defeat Telluria. I certainly don’t. So yes, for me and I suspect lots of people in that range, you lose on offense and win on defense (unless you relentlessly reroll, which I don’t do much anymore).

It would be interesting to start compiling some data in that range to see if it accounts for some of the differences of opinion on Telluria. I fully believe the Top 100 can beat Telluria regularly, I wish they would believe that she is basically unbeatable for those outside of that (as the mono-red discussion is showing).

Can you please, please, please, record one or two of your raids against Tell tanks and share?

I’m really struggling to understand why you’re apparently having such a torrid time on Tell tanks.

I’m very far from an expert but have quite a lot of success against Tell; and there’s plenty of folk on here who are extremely knowledgeable.

Please post one or two as I’d love to try to help.

I am in your cup range and agree that when I raid I see a steady stream of Telluria, usually with Gravemaker and Vela.

I consider myself average, and a long way from the top 100 (currently 101,730) but I can beat Telluria. It may take me two goes, but I’ll win – I just need a semi-cooperative board.

I agree that Telluria is the best tank out there (currently) and we see too much of GM-T-V, but I don’t agree that Telluria is unbeatable.

By the way, I only raid enough to fill the chest, and I try to do as much of that filling through the tourney and revenge as I can, so I don’t initiate that many raids. Perhaps that makes my experience different than yours, but I’ve been in the neighborhood of 2,500 for a long time (I can’t remember the last time I fell out of diamond). Rather than seeing too many overnight losses, I usually see only a few – since I prefer to revenge versus “raid,” I would definitely notice.

Fighting against Mother North and any enemy that revives a dead one can be a nightmare but to me it’s always fun. (As long as I kill her first!)
And yes, I am starting too to gain cups in defense so I can loose them in offense.

I recently put this defense up in an effort to take it easy. Very happy with that choice. I think it would be fun to fight! Nothing difficult about any of them, but they could be tricky. Except Quintus…bless him.

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