Fun Challenge Idea - Beating Ursena with Just Dark Heroes?

Hello, all. I was going through the forum and saw some interesting challenge ideas just for fun and personal fulfillment, such as the 3 hero challenge and the one man/woman army challenge.

In the spirit of always pushing ourselves, may I propose another challenge:
Defeating Ursena with just dark heroes.

You may choose normal or hard, depends on your roster and skill. Of course, if you can complete the challenge on hard, that would be super impressive!

Let me know what you think!


Actually… That’s how I was planning to beat Ursena on hard mode :thinking:

It’s gonna be a battle of attrition. Once I max Tibs, and Sabina who appeared from a TC20 my team will be: Tiburtus, Sabina, Kunchen, Rigard and Proteus. Hope it doesn’t take more than an hour to beat her.

Challenge accepted lol.


Love to see the timer on that battle…


Lol that’s why it’s a challenge :rofl: I’ll take screenshots.

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Forget the timer. I want to see before and after pics of the phone’s battery indicator! :laughing:


I guess it’s easier to beat Ursena with only purples than with only yellows. When she goes off she starts reflecting damage from yellow, and we don’t have many yellow dispellers…

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Yea! Way to go, friend! I look forward to seeing your screenshot, or even better, video!

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You’ve got a good point. The biggest trouble with dark heroes is the reduced damage. If you are willing to be patient and grind, it is totally possible.

Also, don’t forget to take coffee breaks lol

What if Ursena is also in the attacking team, both are active and a yellow hits? Immediate win, immediate loss or reboot?


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Also, Ursena’s attack will be weak against you, too…

No, damage of specials isn’t weak or strong, that only concerns tile damage. Ursena does more damage to holy, but not less to dark than to other colors.

I think Ursena’s special damage will still hurt a lot because my heroes will be at 100% health all the time… That battle is gonna last 2 hours at least. I don’t think anyone would watch a video that long :sweat_smile:

Reflected damage isn’t reflected again, the same applies to counterattack. Otherwise there would be an infinite loop :wink:

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I actually would love to watch it! I might fast-forward it to save time but I am very interested in seeing!

Absolutely agree…I think Delilah is one of the yellows you can use on her.
But cannot image quite more…

Hey friend! I just wanted to come back and ask: did you get a chance to try beating Ursena with just dark heroes? I would love to know the result!

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Hey bro, I haven’t had time to reach province 27 yet (I’m still in province 20). Too much work and stuff, you know :confused: Plus the sand event and trials were getting all my world energy…

I was planning to use all my flasks to get there but even if I do, Tibs and Sabina aren’t maxed yet. Kunchen and Proteus are eating all the dark feeders they encounter. I think I’ll probably try to beat Ursena when both reach 3/70. I’ll keep you informed tho :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update! I look forward to knowing the result! Please record it haha

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