Fun and Effective Makeshift Tanks

As I’m leveling heroes and most definitely not competing for the Top 100 or anything, I am very conscious that I don’t want my absolute best team in as my defense team. Doing this would mean that I could only rarely win offensive raids. Because of this, I’m cautious as to who I put on that main team. The primary way that I accomplish putting in a weaker, but not TOO weak team, is by using a makeshift tank. Rather than my 3.60 Boldtusk (my best hero!), I’m running with my 3.60 Colen.

I’ve gone against teams that have Sonya as their tank… and discovered that she also kicks my butt regularly.

What are some makeshift tanks that you’ve used or encountered that surprised you with their effectiveness? I’d love to find more options. :slight_smile:

p.s. this question is about seeking non-traditional tanks - meaning, if they have high health, high defense, or their special is soley tank related… they’re traditional (i.e. no Kashhrek, Boril, or Cyprian, tyvm. :-p), whereas someone like Colen or Sonya who are usually brought to the team for other reasons (dispel, dps, etc) are who I’m curious about.

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Oh, honestly, I’m just curious about fun tanks that people have enjoyed using or fighting! I’ve already figured out a general strategy for my own team. Thanks for the suggestion, tho!

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I run Li Xiu. I don’t see others using her much and she gets a bad rap.

I swear she single handedly got me to 2000 cups and has now kept me at a solid 2200.

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Grave Isarnia drake azlar

All of them don’t have tank stats but are really good at it

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She’s actually a very respectable tank in my estimation too. Any tank can be beaten straightforwardly with decent boards. My real tank effectiveness question is: how much will a prospective tank punish an enemy on marginal boards? She’s got a very respectable defense, decent health, an AOE mana cut, and average mana speed. This means on marginal boards, she lives long enough to fire, and makes life miserable when she does fire.


I ran Kashrek as tank while I was ranked no.1 globally.

Does that count? :rofl:


@CheTranqui I am learning the game the hard way because there is so much to learn & I don’t have time study for hours…I am C2P with VIP & occasional 99 cents to $1.99 deals. I play with what the game gives me and couldn’t believe that after months of nothing over a 3*, (&Wu Kong who I didn’t use 'cause I was afraid of his unpredictability), I got Sonya, Sartana & Boldtusk at Christmas!!! AZLAR came the first week of January!!! Wu is now leveled, I am almost done leveling Sonya, and Sartana just got her gloves. Azlar & Boldtusk are patiently waiting. I am having too much fun playing with Sonya as my tank. My lineup is:. Boldtusk, Sartana, Sonya, Wu & Azlar. I tried putting Brienne in there for a rainbow team, but even with minions from her emblems, I couldn’t keep her alive. So I try to charge my reds ASAP, fire off Azlar to do DOT on everyone, then Sartana to do DOT on whatever makes sense, charge everyone up & see if I need Sonya to debuff. Wu goes off while others are charging. If I bring a couple bombs or dragon thingies I can do a lot. I am having so much fun. I have a full 5 more teams of leveled 3s for wars and Li Xiu, Triton & Boril waiting their turns. My 4s and 5s (other than Wu of which I got two after about 2 mos) all came after I gave myself a month of VIP for Christmas…

Fully agree with Li Xiu. Not a traditional tanky hero, but with an avg board, she shuts down mana right as the attacker is counting on it.

Maybe Hu Tao, only because he gets no love anywhere else from anyone Hah!


Good to see you back, you’ve been awol I think? :thinking::joy:

Why not try the famous Aife defence @CheTranqui. It’s apparently not too shabby - was it @Rigs or @AirHawk who tried it the other day


Boldtusk and Kiril are okay backup tanks that are also extremely versatile in other roles. Kashrek and Li Xiu are dirt cheap okay tanks 4* from TCs, no need pass on them if you pull them. Boril and Cyprian are great in events, hard quests and, with correct setup, in raid offense; don’t think of them as some dull defensive heroes.

Wasnt me lol

May be better than my current defense though

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Really, if he tanking and you get bad/average board he can kill your team solo

Anything debuffing, despelling, hitting or mana reducing all the others will be a great tank, if you do not use healing.

If your strategy depends on healing, you’ll better go with traditional tanks or even a healer or a unit shielding yourself.

First to kill fast, second to sustain.

I got waxed by a Peters tank the other day, so there’s that.

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