Fully leveled hero stuck at 7 special skill

I have just fully leveled up a hero. She only has a seven in special skills. If you actually go through the trouble of getting a hero that far along shouldn’t you be guaranteed to have full special skills once you have hit max level? We all know that luck is a heavy component in this game. It is also a slow and torturous journey to leveling a hero up all the way. But at some point shouldn’t mercy and common sense take hold? What do I do now? Waste more food hoping to blindly get lucky?

Once fully leveled, the % for each feeder is multiplied by 5 now, so it’s pretty quick and painless. It used to be much worse.

EDIT: wrong number

  1. Either way, it does show mercy on the part of SG, as the OP has cried out for. :slight_smile:

5, but yes, much easier

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20 chars lol…


I have no status buffs, so your Jinx has no effect.


i thought it was a multiply by 4. i could be wrong. don’t take a chance at 90% ,go for 100% always. trust me I tried.

It’s times 4 for duplicate heroes, since it doesn’t go above 100%.

The release notes actually spelled this out:

  • If a hero is fully leveled up but their Special Skill is not, the chances for Special Skill level up are quintupled.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the feedback!


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