Fully ascension vs half way thru

If you lack a base of 3*, then leveling more half baked heroes will sort of help. Although in war you don’t have to take your 26th-30th heroes as a team; you can make a team with 5/18/21/25/30th e.g. and have more oomph.

Consider if your best heroes in a color are 3/60 3/60 3/50. In the time it takes you to improve that to 3/60 3/60 3/60 you could instead improve it to 4/70 3/60 3/50. That’s significantly more useful. You can even apply emblems.

3* ascension items

I will always advocate for waiting until you have a GOOD rainbow 4* 3.60 team before using any 3* ascension items.

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Hero XP

If I understand you are discussing 4* 3.60, 4* 3.60 and 4* 3.50 ?

If so you are working with mistaken Hero XP totals. 4* 3.60 to 4* 4.70 is the same as 4* 1.1 to 4* 3.60

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3* 3/50

…20 three stars

Now I am totally confused.

3* 4.70 ?
3* 3.60 ?

To improve from 4* 3/60 4* 3/60 3* 3/50 to 4* 3/60 4* 3/60 4* 3/60 takes as much resources as going to 4* 4/70 4* 3/60 3* 3/50, because it involves going all the way from 4* 1/1 to 4* 3/60.

But the same resource could also give you 5* 2.60 and 5* 2.60 .

It really depends on your roster

I think what ppl are trying to say, which I understand isn’t necessarily what you want to hear after you’ve spent good money pulling hero’s early is,

For your best ingame experience and progression the tried and tested method which prevents you hitting a ascending wall or lack of food and feeders barrier

Would be to start maxing a 3* rainbow team, this enables good map progression and learning skills

Then most advocate lvling a max 4* rainbow team and following it up with a good range of 4* hero’s to 3/60, so you can learn stacking and synergy

All whilst your collecting 4* ascending mats and getting your city lvld up to stronghold lvl 20 training camp lvl 19 farms up to 16+

By then you’ve developed a style and your in a better place to start looking at 5* hero’s without them becoming a total progression killer…

You can comfortably complete all rare quests events season 1 with a rainbow 4* team, therefore collecting the precious 4* mats to take your game to next lvl!

We aren’t trying to hold you back, just trying to prevent you falling into the same traps we did early game


Why would I want a 5* 2/60 in such a scenario? Getting 4* 4/70 helps me advance through the map to farm better, hit titan better, save items on quests/events or even complete quest/event I couldn’t otherwise.

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I’m doing well with only 3 maxed epics out of 45 and no maxed legendaries out of 16.

My strategy is to build a solid bench by spreading all my feeders.

The drop rates of mats told me not to focus on one and later regret it when getting a better one.

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But what happens if your first rainbow 4* team is Ameonna ( a color stacking hero ), Agwe ( a poor color stacking hero ), Sumitomo ( a solo hero), Gobbler ( an anti minion hero) and Li Xiu ( a defense hero )?

While my advice varies depending on your current roster, leveling one rainbow 3* 3.50 team and one rainbow 4* 3.60 lets most accounts complete rare quests the soonest.

While 3x rainbow 4* 3.60 gives you a decent shot at 1x good Classic 4* heroe of each color that have good synergy with the other four colors. Once you play around with all fifteen 4* 3.60 heroes, you should be able to assemble a good rainbow 4* 3.60 team to level to 4* 4.70 .

As an added bonus you have twenty heroes ( including yours 3* heroes) for war and Class quests and Tourneys when you are leveling the good 4* 3.60 team to 4* 4.70 . If you immediately go from 4* 3.60 to 4* 4.70 you only have ten heroes ( including 3* heroes ), in the same time you could have fifteen. And fifteen heroes ( 3* 3.50, 4* 4.70, 4* 3.60 x5 ) in the same time you could have twenty.

I started in 2017-September and I just started leveling my second rainbow 4* 4.70 team because Classes mean I need a 4* 4.70 in each class. Before I was happy with one really, really good rainbow 4* 4.70 ( the original insanely powerful Wu Kong Cascade Squad), plus Proteus and Wilbur, and the rest of my roster at 4* 3.60 ( I still have a lot I want to level to 4.* 3.60 ) while I waited for a decent rainbow 5* 2.60 team.


I currently left 7 of my 4* at 4/50, it is very easy and fast to increase them from 3/60 to 4/50.

I was lucky enough to have Proteus, so I don’t need to worry about maxing them to 4/70 for legendary challenge. 3/60 team with Proteus and mana potion is enough to take on legendary challenge (except pirates event).

In the mean time, I build my 2nd and 3rd 4* team to 3/60 or 4/50. 4th to 6th team currently consists of maxed 3* (I have 28).

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Of course it will depend some on what heroes you get. E.g., I get ulmer, gunnar, etc, kiril, agwe. Of course I take Kiril to 4/70 before starting on Agwe. If the situation is reversed, and I’ve been leveling Agwe before Kiril arrives, then I can choose to stop Agwe at 3/60. Or, if I did a lot of summons and had both at 1/1, then I never have the dilemma.

There’s a big difference between 3/60 and 4/70. You can say that synergy can make up some or even all of that difference on a rainbow defense team. But the game is about offense. And 4/70 >> 3/60 and you even get to make some choice for the sake of synergy when stacking on offense as long as you have some 3* around. And having a 4/70 makes a huge difference on two class quests.

(I’m C2W, and had Layla 3/40, 5x purple 3* 3/50, and Kunchen 3/1 before the first 4* purple arrived. I’m just limited by on color feeding. No regrets about synergy, even though I’m overstocked on healing, utility, and slowness.)


Spending emblems is only possible to maxed heroes. That’s what me called to max some faster.

All heroes will become competitive between say 500 to 600 (depends) overall power. Below that they’ll often die before becoming helpful.

Not in my experience or in my math.

We will have to agree to disagree.

Boring part

Titan Damage


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Color stacking

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( The Best Heroes in Each Class guide )

I think that having half heroes is great. But I highly value scoring well in raids and war. I’m just finishing my last batch of half heroes, and then will begin the process of fully ascending the squishy 4’s and into my 5’s.

If you want me to explain more in depth I can, but I’m on my phone while cycling at the gym so it is annoying to type. I’ll even show you my roster. :wink:

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It’s funny you mentioned this, because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with my roster for the past eight+ months.

Rather than spending mats on heroes I suspect might be good, but I haven’t played with them enough to know if I [personally] like them, I have been leveling all of my 3* until they’re 8/8 skill, 4* to 3/60, and 5* to 2/60 (some 3/70 if they really interest me). Even the ones I know are bad I’ve been leveling, because I want to find a use for every hero, and don’t like the idea of having all of these 1/1 unique heroes never being touched. I currently have 90 unique 4* and 5* I’ve been doing this with, and have completed all but 12 (so I’m almost done).

Out of all of this, you get variety, plenty of choices for color stacking, play around with different synergies, and make use out of nearly every single hero at least once.

Also, it helps me know what stages of the game are beatable with underpowered heroes. Thankfully, I’ve been able to complete everything in game, including all quests, events, seasonal events, and trials, since I started this. I have zero maxed heroes, and have still been able to sit in diamond, get B or higher grade on 10*+ titans, and hold my own in war.

You never really worry about mats either, so you can just let them accumulate. By the time you’re done, you’ll have all of the materials you need to max most of the heroes you decide you want to. I have enough mats to max almost three rainbow teams of 5*, and over 50 4*, but I enjoy leveling my heroes to the ‘half-baked’ point, and playing around with them for a bit, first.

Plus, all of the information I learn from playing with every single hero, I get to share with the people on this forum and within my alliance. So idk it works really well for me, and I enjoy it. :slightly_smiling_face:

The only downside to this style of play is you can’t really compete. If that’s your goal, then I’d suggest maxing the best of the best heroes first (starting with a few rainbow teams of 3* and 4*), and then building out your depth from there. Trying to place on the leaderboard for events, weekly raids, or regular raids isn’t doable with half-baked heroes.

However, if you decide to go the route that I have, just know that you should be alright when it comes to completing everything in-game. Just have to be smart about your lineup and battle items choices for certain events, but everything should be doable with mostly 60s. Might want a few 70s though ‘just in case’.

Honestly though, I’d go with the option that you think you’d enjoy the most. At least, I know that’s how I decided. Do you love playing with a bunch of different heroes or finding fun uses for certain ones? Or do you like competition or wanna be the best at something? Do you love variety, or playing with the same favorite/best heroes day-in and day-out?

Really think on it, and then decide for yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes the game way more enjoyable when you find your own preferred way to play, even if it’s not the norm or what you ‘should do’, as long as it’s fun to you :blush:


Depends on your roster and how long you have been playing.

Quick strategy would be:
1 team of maxed 4*
5 teams of 3* for all colors (I totally ignored this)

5* heroes can be ignored (expensive and less effective if you dont the mats for them) but please ascend them when you have the mats to take them to full ascension except for some of the heroes where they can still be effective at 3/70.

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I REALLY needed to hear this. Thanks for explaining this well.

I’ve started myself with getting all 4* I thought I needed to 3/60 (30 because of wars). Then I maxed out the most valuable, starting with my war defense, (or what was there, looking to Agwe) until I had around that 30 heroes for war teams. Some heroes sneaked in between, like Proteus, Gretel…so some others are left on 3/60.

A week ago I started my first rainbow 5*. After that, I’ll max some more 4* and 3*, then the next 5*.

For me that was a perfect solution for being competitive in wars asap.

I will be happy! Thanx

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