Fully ascend Chao or Joon?



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Got both Joon and Chao back to back draws. Which should I ascend first?


Joon and it’s not even close. He blinds Titans and one-shot snipers raid heroes. He’s a beast. Chao is okay but come on. 4 stars vs. 5 and Joon is probably the best yellow.



Yes I agree, Joon is obviously more powerful but I have been reading on forum to have a strong fully ascended 4 star team before ascending 5’s and my other 4 star yellow is weak


Do you have 4 orbs? I’ve had Joon at the top of tier 3 for a while now and I’d still take him over my fully ascended and leveled up Jackal. He’s still the strongest one I have on my team.


No I only have 3 :frowning: I think your right. I will level up Joon first cause he’s awesome for Titans then Chao after because any othe yellow five is not as good!


Thanks for giving me your thoughts:)


That doesn’t hold true in all cases, Joon / Magni being two among a few others. As Rav stated, Joon any day, all day over LX or Chao.


I say Chao because he has a bird :face_with_monocle:

Seriously, don’t even think about it.


Fully ascend? You said you have 3 orbs. Joon takes same materials to get to 70 as Chao and then 4 more orbs, 6 darts, a tome and damascus blade to get fully ascended. And several millions of food and maybe hundreds of heroes to level from 70 to 80. That is probably far in the future for you.

So this probably more a question of Chao or Joon to 70 when you get your 4th orb. While 4s have a bit stronger stats than 5 at level 70 in general, I would still go with Joon. The blind is very good compared to the mana drain and his % damage on special is way higher.


I’m the one harping on “build 4* first” but I agree with the Joon proponents here. Chao is perhaps the weakest 4* yellow, Joon is almost surely the best 5* yellow. Even at 3.70 Joon is better than Chao, and then you have the option of taking Joon up further once you get all the ascension materials.


Of the 4’s I have, Chao to me is the least useful and it’s not even close - I’ll ascend my 2nd Jackal before I finish him off. I am struggling not to feed the copy I have of him from a TC13.

Now, give me a 50% mana drain and I’d change my view.

So, Joon, and it’s not even a question or close in my mind.


I don’t understand the hate for Chao. He’s not joon, but he’s good on raids as a fast hitter with 305% special + mana drain. He’s better than LX or Hu Tao on both titans and raiding. Wu Kong is a mixed bag raiding on offense, relying on tile damage rather than specials and is team composition dependent. Obviously Joon is better, but Chao isn’t a slouch.

I mean if you have a large hero stable and have Joon and Jackal and others as single target hitters, sure he’s not gonna leave the bench. But for a newer player moving up from 3s to 4s, Chao will be much more useful on maps and filling raid chests than the other 4* yellows and is better vs titans than LX and HT.


He is another good on everything, best on nothing. He may be slight better on titan than Xiu, and quite better of Hu tao, but he is inconsistent.
On defensive raids i prefer much more Xiu and some more Hu tao.
Attacking raids and events again Xiu (double her with kong is devastating)

He has no impressive attack nor impressive secondary.
He is… Bof… Ok?


So contextually I really only do the challenge events and titans, so in that regard even with only 4* yellows he rides the pine 100% of the time. He’s just so average, not that it is a bad thing.


Chao has a really low damage for a single-target hitter (including the tile damage) and the single target mana drain does not make up for it at all. The lowest of them all, I believe. I’d take Joon over him any day, even if it’s 3.70 Joon vs 4.70 Chao.


I think if you took the mana drain and figured it could save you one titan special over the time, that’s what, 3/90 seconds? 3.3% more time?

If you’re bringing something which retards mana (Hel, soon to be Natalya, etc) it gets even better. Chao is probably better than he’s given credit for, he certainly is as a raid attacker where mana control is a massive thing given the raid mechanics.

I didn’t level him, but I made the mistake of reading all the “LX is AWESOME!” posts when I had the choice to level her or Chao and I was still definitely a newbie… knowing what I do now, I never would’ve leveled LX in the first place.


Yeah - I do see the benefits, but I cant see a path to usage for my level 60 chao over a level 70 jackal, an almost level 70 Wu, and a level 60 jackal who I would take to 70 if I had the gloves and compasses to do it. The damage potential is so much greater with two jackals or wu/jackal.


Yes, agreed - you’re not going to level him over Joon or Jackal. But I most certainly would level him over Li Xiu or Hu Tao. And for a situation where a new player who only has 3*s gets him, I don’t want them to think “aw this guy is crappy”. He’s not. He’s fine on titans and good on raids.


Yeah - he was great when he was my only 4* yellow - obviously huge upgrade over a 3* yellow (other than the situational Kailani I suppose). Then I got the two Jackals and it was to the bench.