Full Titan Images and Names

I know this wouldn’t be on the top of the to-do list but I had an idea whilst hitting our Titan. What is the deal with these beasts? Where do they come from? What do their friends call them? :smile:

An Icehammer Giant for instance…whats his backstory? How come he can’t afford pants? Why is he so angry (other than an ice cold draft uhh down there)?

Just a thought…Would be cool to have a full image/description of the titans like we do Heroes.

Icehammer Giant- “The pantsless Wanderer of Glaceholm” :rofl:

Now that I wrote this out it seems ridiculous but I’ve spent too much time thinking about it not to post

:joy: :joy: :joy:
20 characters

Agreed with OP. While I was only concerned about the lack of backstory for the Heroes, it’s true the Titans arguably fare worse. So many questions to ask!
Who are they?
Where they came from?
How old are they?
Who birthed/made them?
Do they eat humans?
Are some of the Heroes Titan hunters?
How intelligent are they?
Do they talk?
Why do I have to join a guild to even fight them?
Why aren’t they cuter?

What might be cool is, if you defeat a titan X number of times, it joins you in war.

Then, to reset the board, after all teams are gone, they have to destroy the titan for extra points.


We need new titans!

Speciall skill:
-Hug every heroes
-Caster(titan) get +60% cute more
-Your heroes can’t attack this cute titan for 5 turns
-Throw some cotton candy

Does debuffs still work? This sounds like a super hard Titan to defeat!

You might like these, a couple people have had creative ideas about combining elements of titans and wars, including @JonahTheBard thinking about the capture idea:

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“Can’t attack titan” - something like Peters debuff
Candy cane - Zeline+Pulveizer debuff
This look like 14* titan :thinking:
I saw somewhere idea to make multi-alliance titans, one powerfull titan for 2/3 alliances waht do you think about that?

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I approve this idea.
20 titans loot

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This is an Awesome idea! Would be alot of fun and could be an interesting way to meet new Alliances. Like AW but TW…Titan Wars!!!

Wow! I also think that’s a great idea. It’d be a lot like the Robbers Cave Experiment.

@Baphomet @IvyTheTerrible
Here is post about something like I say

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I remember us talking about this a long time ago. We also discussed the possibility of Titan “Swarms” showing up where two or three titans of lesser star value would show up instead of say a 10* and all of the titans would have to be defeated to obtain the treasure. They could be different element titans, so a strategy amongst alliance members could be developed to help defeat the swarm.

Instead of a 10* titan showing up, you’d see three 7* or One 8* and two 6*. Maybe even a rare as the central, more powerful titan. This was not a popular idea when I first posted it in the forums, but maybe it could gain some traction now.

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I think that is an awesome idea! Sounds like a lot of fun!

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