Full Mana Failing to Fire and or sudden decrease of full Mana

In all aspects of the game, PVP, titan battles and Map Quests mana is filled and then when you go to “fire” nothing happens. Also you can be on full mana and suddenly it drops down (not due to Li Xiu, Leonidas or Chao). Does not happen all the time.

How many heroes have a mana debuff? It’s more than those three. (Also Carver, Azar, Gan Ju…)

not sure if i have fought against those guys that you have mentioned in a while…i am sure you a right though. (just named the 4* & 5* that I know). Either way the mana issue exists.

Fair enough. I’ve been lucky not to notice it yet…(watch, I’ll get it today!) :grin:

I know I’ve had this issue, though didn’t pay attention to what heroes lost their charged special ablility. I’ll try to pay closer attention! Pretty sure It’s happened to Sonya multiple times. Sooty, do you notice it’s particular heroes?

Happened a number of times on Lianna and Joon. I see they have done some tweaking of things. Maybe it has gone now. Just keep an eye out…you know when it happens!

It has happened to BoldTusk & Caedmon for me for sure. I think Sartana too.

I emailed in about this yesterday. Doesn’t happen often so the first few times I thought I was maybe mistaken and missed something, but it’s definitely a bug.

Thanks for the report! This is a known issue, we are currently working on a fix.

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Is there a full list of known issues being worked on?


Hi Petri
Have been playing game now for months.
I am the leader of furys slayers 1 and 2
We have been having trouble with raids i myself have been stuck on 2500 to 2600 for over a month not wining raids go against higher or lower power levels. My mana seems to build up slow and I can hit there hero’s with over 4 x troop attacks and see no change in there health bar. It’s almost like they are bullet proof. I am looking at leaving this game because of this reason. It was fun when I started but I have now given up even trying for a top position. Also alliance vs alliance would open up game a lot more.
Thanks guys
Regards slayer

Is it every battle, or just “some”? curious here

Definitely not every battle, thankfully!

In the last month happened to me several times. It ussualy happen when you are against a stronger opponent and if you fire that skill you gonna win the game. This is the reason why I made this account on the forum. I wanted to report it as well. It happens to all heroes not only few in particular. I repeat its simply steal your mana just before you can fire. Last time happened for me with my guin and leonidas against drake and alby. Fix it I have lost several raids just because of this…

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