Full list of heroes in the game


I would love to see a full list of available heroes accessible from somewhere in the game itself. Right now if we want to talk about the various heroes and their abilities we have to either scroll through the summoning pages, which is incompletely and unorganized, or go offsite to something like 7 Days Departed, which is great, but not as convenient.

It would just be nice to be able to see all the heroes listed in some organized fashion (by element, or by strength, or whatever) within the game just for reference.


You can use my lists in the Player Guide Menu. All updated hero rosters (it is brand new)https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/all-updated-hero-rosters/8519/31. It is all heroes from one colour on the same page. You can hardly find anything with more info on a single page.


Mine looks like this:

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…help? :wink:

P.S. you might want to consider locking titles at top and/or side so when someone scrolls down/over, the title is still there.


What I have uploaded is a jpg picture. So what scrolling are we talking about?


When I click your link, then click Heroes, I get a jumbled list of all colors. How do I just show Holy heroes for example?

(I’m working from my phone, I don’t see an option to sort the list by a particular color); see pic above.


The pic above is what confuses me. That is some portion of an excel sheet. I did not do that. I did post a picture not a workbook.I am Pois1 not CJM who did some excel workbook, got it?


Silly me. (Must NOT post late at night!) I love your lists Pois!