Full Impact Serious Bug issue

This is crazy Wars just started and my alliance and I didn’t even get the notification that it has begun like we always do…what’s up with that?

Crazy is an overstatement
I got the notification so seems to not be global
I don’t think it’s a necessary notification anyways
Hopefully if others experienced the same thing they’ll post here and SG will become aware that this is a valuable notification

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What is going on with the matching for Wars?
My alliance have been battling more teams from the UK and others foreign countries since we began… don’t tell me there’s not a problem with matching, I know there are American teams… out there… this is ridiculous.strong text

There has never been any filter to just fight alliances based in specific country. Not sure why you’d want this and what you’d do with international alliances that have players from all over?


This is a whole other topic from the “serious” bug. Plus, I’m not sure how you tell that an opposing alliance is American (and why does it matter?).

Because we are being out matched, that’s the issue, I don’t have 14 members in my alliance that’s 4k’s , which the system seems to think so.

Yeah …

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What do that have to do with my alliance? Leader of Full Impact

You were complaining about being mismatched in wars in a thread YOU created about something entirely different.

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Maybe if you look at the photos sent it might clarify what I’m talking about

At this point I don’t really care. You started this thread to bring up a bug about not being notified the war had begun, which can be an important issue for alliances. Then you went off on a tangent about being matched to foreign alliances. Then you went off on another tangent about being mismatched. None of which has anything to do with the original purpose of the thread and are better addressed in the one I provided a link to.

It is really funny that the worst off-topic offender is the original poster of the topic.


Yes, I made made and started the statement, but I don’t dwell on it after it’s been addressed, so what’s your point? They’re others with the same concerns and issues as mine, …if you don’t care… keep it moving!!!

There are other things to discuss because this one isn’t going to change over time

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