Full House Madness: Stacking heroes against Legendary defense teams

The Full House is one of many strategies that grinders like me use to attack Defense Teams with much greater Team Power:

Stacking 2 heroes of the same color doubles your tile attack; stacking 3 triples it! By selecting the appropriate color (i.e. blue versus red, red vs. green, green vs. blue, yellow vs. purple, purple vs. yellow), you too can successfully raid the world’s best Legendary Teams!

The “tank” (center defender) is usually the primary target on raids. By manipulating your chosen tile colors against the tank, you can blow it up, thereby creating space to flush the tile board of unwanted colors (no such thing as a bad board!)

Collecting enough of your choice color tiles will fire up your Special Skills. You know what to do when that happens–pick your next target!

Now, go pillage & plunder those “untouchable” Legendary Teams & post your most successful raids here!


Two Mother Norths–that’s just crazy!


I have avoided doubling up on colors in general circumstances, my exception has been Titans, and even then, it doesn’t always seem to be the best option!? After reading this, I’ve decided to go ahead, and give it a shot! I’ll let y’all know how it goes!?

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