Full artwork of all heroes – where can I find the hero images shown from Magnify Hero?


I don’t think they have the full images, just the cards.


If you don’t have the hero, the closest thing is the Epic Portal :man_shrugging:



The game uses the Unity engine, so, it is also possible to pull the images from the install on your device.


My current raid team on the Stonehenge background.


Hey Cookie Monster! @dmi - I have a ton of interest on this topic - I’ll have to search on it it sometime soon - you have any tips and/or site suggestions so that I can delv into getting at them myself? Thanks for the information - awesome - would save me a ton of time.

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Here’s info on a PC-based program to extract assets from a compiled Unity game, so looks like you’ll need to be running the game on BluStacks to get all the pieces onto one platform:


@Kerridoc - EXCELLENT my friend. I’m on it! Well soon :smile: RaZ


I used a program called Unity Assets Bundle Extractor. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post how to do it here because it is basically hacking the game files. If someone can confirm it is ok, I’ll give detailed instructions.

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@dmi Whooops ok you can delete your post then lol J.I.C. Let’s not get anyone in trouble. Perhaps a chat my LINE is razorenp. My email is public knowledge and will keep yours private. Razor@EnPHero.com.


There’s a pretty thorough collection now here:

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Belith Riguard

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