Full artwork of all heroes – where can I find the hero images shown from Magnify Hero?

Does anyone know where I can find the full art of any Hero as seen in Magnify Hero, possibly without the background ?
Thanks !

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@Razor, can you help?

Check out Razors Profile. There is a link to his Homepage as well…really needful stuff!!!


@CheTranqui is the only individual in the forum that I’m aware of that has either created what your looking for themselves or they have access to them:

@CheTranqui I came across a post of your team in past few days where the heroes were removed from their backgrounds I just don’t recall where I saw it.

@KalosianPorygon they would be the individual I would suggest to contact regarding your desire to obtain such images - or they can tell you how they did it.

@CheTranqui I would as well be interested in the response you provide to them so please include me in on it.

@Sorsha this is what I had as an idea.

Thank you everyone!


MY pleasure my Lord Razor!


Thanks for the help, Emperor @Razor. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I believe the ones that @Razor has are the images of the hero cards as they were seen on the summon portal. The ones that OP seem to be looking for are the ones of the full body portrait, but without the card background, and a descriptive term of that hero (only accessible if you own the hero). Kind of SGG’s way of bringing some “prestige” to the heroes you actually do have on your roster and entice you to do gem pulls/summons to “collect them all.”

It’s easily done with taking a screenshot on the cell phone, but having a collection of all of the portraits may require a collaborative effort from more than one source as unless you are a long time player, you may not have “all” the heroes ever released (only SGG has them).

But would be a neat joint effort.

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YES ! THIS is what I originally asked for !

So, what @Razor is referring to as the art that I’ve done can be found in this thread about hero montages such as my Squad montage:

Here’s the steps to how I accomplish this:

  1. Open a desired background as a new image in Paint 3D.
  2. Go into the summon portal and take a screenshot of the hero.
  3. Open screenshot in Paint 3D.
  4. Use “Magic Select” to isolate the hero in question, adding & removing bits and pieces as appropriate.
  5. Cut out the hero from its original screenshot.
  6. Paste the cut-out hero onto the background.
  7. Click the button that says “Make 3D”.
  8. Move the now-3D hero cut-out so it’s close-ish to the actual background.
  9. Repeat steps to get all desired heroes in shot, adjusting depth and positioning as desired.
  10. Save new project. :slight_smile:

Now then, in the image above you can see Evelyn. I made the montage above just this last week. This means that I used the image from inspecting my own Evelyn to create her 3D cut-out. I’m like, 90% positive that she is in precisely the same stance in her inspection-mode as she is in the portal. The difference being… the brightness of the bloom around her when inspected makes it REALLY hard to get Magic Select to draw the appropriate boundaries. Evelyn took 3 or 4 tries, and each attempt took far too long. :-p

All of this to say: If you can, it would be easier to acquire the hero images that you desire via the summon portal, as described above… but the same method can be used in either arena.

Now, if your purpose is to get their title along with their cut-out / image… then yeah, clearly the inspection mode would be required… but as requested, the above is my methodology for pulling hero images out of their initial in-game state. Hope it helps!

p.s. I should note: though it might seem like a screenshot of the hero in the summon portal would produce a very small hero, the game is actually presented in a very high resolution and thus such is not the case. In reality, the inspected-hero comes out as massive. :slight_smile:


@CheTranqui that is an awesome image you created by the way! Hope you printed and framed :smile:.
Very kind of you to provide detailed steps on ‘how to’!
Yes if your not some wiz with GIMP or Photoshop - it can take a lot of time to do this kind of stuff. Wow and you did it with Paint 3D! Very niche CheT. Thanks much for the assist on this one.


@CheTranqui thanks for the share details - of course I had to give it a shot!

Before I forget: I noted that some of the heroes were not included in some of your images - likely because you didn’t have access to them? Maybe someday we can partner to get them all to you. I looked into Paint 3D it looks like some people have some issues transferring ‘projects’ especially to others… that is a bummer otherwise I’d send HEL to ya lol (I can try either way).

@KalosianPorygon I tried it out with HEL who’s image and character hooked me into the game! This was my result below (I took a screenshot of her in ‘3D’ mode), Because of those nails (or should I say claws! My back… ouchhh) getting her hands in particular to what I considered acceptable show quality - caused it to turn into a bit of a project! Otherwise the rest of her did well with the first ‘Magic Select’. I just had to do some minor water coloring.


That looks great! Well done!

Those small bits are hard to capture appropriately - Magic Select isn’t a terribly precise tool. Well done in getting the nails so clearly!

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Thanks for the how to and tips. And very nice hel! I’ve been seeing really nice artwork.great job all!

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@CheTranqui that is an awesome picture!

I’m collecting the images of the heroes who have them sent to me ogrigado

Screenshot_20190218-095907~2 FB_IMG_15506141830653359

my Line ID is “sarapatel”. I can send you many of those. Just let me know what you already got.

just the Rigard I started 1 week ago thank you


Is there any site I can find this kind of photo for every hero, or is it something you can find in-game?

Click on the hero card then in the top left corner there is a magnifying glass picture - click on that


The OP would need to have the hero in order to look at the image through the magnifying glass.

Go to the 7dd website /heroes just Google 7dd

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