FTP raid ranking

Maybe it has already been proposed but I would be glad if SG introduce a FTP only ranking in raid.

"Why ? " Is your first question right , so I explain myself.

I’m most of between 2100 and 2400 points in cup ranking. The fact is that when I approach and / or reach the holy diamond class, I encounter more and more fully optimized teams with only Hotm & S2 / S3 heroes.
At this point, no matter how good is the board I get, it become nearly impossible to win.(e.g: I really appreciate my healing duo Vivica and Kasshreck but with they are just to slow with their middle speed and are consequently a bit useless).

This is what I called an unfair match as FTP and P2P are just not in the same game.
As a FTP player, I wish of separate events , titans or even alliance’s war as most of the time , you just not play the same game. Unfortunately, that kind of expectation are more like dreams.

But separate the raid ranking will be a first good step (you can also indicate how much each player spend in the game but that would be a debating issue for some of us…)

As much as I would be interested to know how I rank against other f2p accounts I did not vote here. They’re a business and this wouldn’t be good for business. They do not want to incentivize less spending.


Yep. Why would a profit-driven company be interested on providing a feature, which would be costing them time, effort and money to do so, that would be doing what the OP is suggesting. On a business sense, it is impractical, unnecessary and counterproductive. F2Ps are never rewarded truly in this kind of game. The reward they only get is for them to be able to play this game for free, and maybe some lucky pulls here and there.

I would like to vote in favor of it, but I know such exercise is futile.

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cries in almost f2p account :joy:

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