FTP defense help needed

I know the topic may come off as unusual, but I have literally had to make do with what I’ve got.

This is my current defense team and I must say I’ve been quite impressed with both wins and losses when I’ve been raided.

This team has kept me around 2350 <=> 2520 cups, without my having to raid much, which is just fine by me.

So questions;

  1. Should I go for rainbow team? (I’d actually like that)
  2. Which of these yellow 5 :star: at 3/70 should make the cut?

    The gap is Joon, which I didn’t get from my last TC*20 10x :roll_eyes:
    This isn’t a rant post but since I started playing Dec’ 18, I’ve only got Poison Darts from Shiloh Desert Quest… All 7 of them and I dare SGG to give me at least 11 darts outside of the quest!!!

Lastly, if you’re feeling especially benevolent, feel free to check here for my roster and AMs and advise me accordingly.


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If it were me, I would leave the defence team as is.

Of your Yellow Heroes, i would give the Darts to Malosi as he is probably going to be most useful in raiding etc overall… He’s not really a great defence hero as he needs both timing and aiming which the AI doesn’t do too well :stuck_out_tongue:

Other ascension advice:

  • Rings I would give to Marjana
  • Tonics seeing as you are now almost at 12 you may as well give Horghall some… He’s not really great but MAY be getting a bit of a boost in the upcoming V30 balance changes
  • Scopes I would 100000% give to Isarnia! she’s boss as for titans & also lethal in offence raids, particularly when paired with a mana troop.
  • Darts were covered off above (give to Malosi IMO)
  • Tabards you’re one short but Clarissa is 1000% worthy of getting them.

@Guvnor gives good advice there. The only yellow suitable for defense there is Justice, and only as a tank. It’s really a toss-up between her and Richard who’s better, and Richard is average mana vs Justice’s slow. Of course having said that I currently use Justice for tank.

It is on offense that you gain in raids and open the chests in diamond. Malosi will do well for you there. I’m currently working on mine (once I get one more dart he’s going max). He helps keep defense tanks under control.


Yeah I agree with the others, I would rather hoard up waiting for a better hero than to ascend for the sake of a rainbow team that is probably not much better or even perhaps worse than what you currently have


I’m just going to add one thing: get that yellow mana troop up to lv11 asap!! My Malosi is currently at 3/46 but with a lv11 mana troop he fires in 6 tiles flat (2 matches) or just 3 ghosted tiles (1 match). I have so much fun raiding with him even though he’s somewhat underpowered and out of m place in my attack team, his incredible speed more than makes up for it.


BUT having said that, if you need a yellow for events or to complete certain quests or for war depth…that’s a different thing entirely. If after a while you don’t have much luck with yellow 5* I would bite the bullet

(This is what I did with Obakan …not long after I pulled Sartana I think lol # regret)

But Malosi looks v good for offence so…I would choose him if you had no choice. But he’s not great in defence

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I’d pick Malosi too. He could be good at offense.

Also I’d rather save tonics than give them to Horghall. Horghall is really bad even at 4/80. Talking from experience here.


Yeah his atk and def stats look pitiful at 4/80, only thing going for him is his massive HP but do you really want a slow tank that doesn’t do much besides a piddling AoE and atk debuff?

I think unfortunately in today’s meta, unless you’re Alby, MoNo, or Heimdall, slow just doesn’t cut it anymore. (don’t even get me started on Atomos :roll_eyes:)

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Thanks @Guvnor, just as @nevarmaor said, your tip sounds really good. I’ve always wandered about Isarnia though
Thanks @FrenziedEye, that’s exactly what I do. I just keep the AMs until something good comes along. But I really do need some yellow depth :muscle:
Thanks @rho, will do .
Thanks @SirGorash, it’s the same thing I did with rings and Elena, I decided not to give her any and then JF came and Marjana.


FWIW I use Isarnia on attack all the time. Once she fires her special then the enemy is toast. Can’t beat her def down.


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