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I’m ftp/cyp. I just wanna put this out there. I enjoy this game because it’s my choice . Yes I don’t have every hotm and I lack a.m. most of the time. I just dislike crybabies that cry cry, cry. Do us all a favor and delete your account. My elk, Leo, khagan, Viv work for me because I know how to play. I love me vela, gravemaker ,and all I was lucky to get but geez get over your entitled self.


O.o Not sure who or what group of people you are sending that vitriol towards.

I’m glad you enjoy playing the game. I think an entitlement mindset can come from anyone, regardless of $ spent.

Since this game is worldwide, there is a mingling of very different societal norms and beliefs. Its always wise to remember that before you call someone an idiot or question their morals.


Ill tag @DoctorStrange because he will agree with you 100%

Generally speaking I agree with the ‘you get what you pay for’ attitude.

I also agree that FTP shouldn’t whinge about the fact that they have less heroes than paying players because that’s just a fact of life.

I also agree that companies are entitled to profits.

But if it comes to game balance and releasing imbalanced heroes then you will hear me jump up and down. :joy:


@Richter definitely calling nobody a idiot. My rant is basically saying it’s a choice

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I think he was very specific when he said crybabies was the group of people he was talking about. I myself am not a fan of people who complain about things that they can do something about, and as you stated that covers every group of people here, from I spent to much and got nothing to I spent nothing and want everything, if you unhappy just go this isn’t the first game and they are not the first player. Asking questions and suggesting change is one thing but people who constantly demand compensation and perceived rewards I have no time for.


You cant use phrases like game balance and pay in same sentence. Anytime people can pay there will be a tilt in balance as soon as I have more heroes than you and vice versa our rosters are now imbalanced.

Of course you can, you can control the size of the gap between those who pay and those who don’t. The size of the gap is critical from a marketing perspective because if it’s too big newcomers will be reluctant to join the game.

It’s a commercial decision

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You cannot control the gap? As long as some players spend and some dont only way to control the gap would be stop making heroes. As long as new heroes keep coming out there will always be a gap. People just need to be happy with where they are, who they are with, and stay around people with same goals they have.

We control the gap by making new heroes not too powerful.

That’s why we have beta to test the strength of new heroes


I dont agree with that controlling the gap but if that’s how you feel then I will let you run with that.

I don’t need you to agree and you are entitled to your views.

It is a commercial reality that this game would not thrive if the gap was too large.

Because that’s how you entice CTP, by dangling the carrot to FTP. That is how they make their money

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Which gap? Between those that spend $0, $20, $100, $500, $1000, or $2000 each month?

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He has the notion that somehow FTP can catch up with p2w players if they just believe hard enough. I have explained to this guy a thousand times there will always be a gap and it wont get any smaller. The top spenders will always have their area and everyone else will always be below them and until he realizes that the gap will always be there, nothing else to say to this guy. He wont get it.

That’s actually not what he said. :wink:


The gap is large remains large had always been large. You have this theory that heroes will change it and you are WRONG!!! troops are the hardest thing in this game to level not heroes. I am going on almost two years. In that two years I have never missed a titan never missed a war<----- NEVER. I might roll for heroes sometimes but never for troops. In almost two years I have one set of +20 troops. 1 bet I still dont have a single blue mana trip in almost two years and it will be close to another year before I even get one of those troops to plus 30. So minimum 5 years fornme tonget one set of +30 troops which would be stupid. The gap will never decrease for non spenders or c2p.

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He has brought up this post a thousand times and always tags me in them and I tell.him 50k times there will always be a gap. Every8ne hits the same wall be it Matt’s or heroes based on their spending habits and then I come to the reality, either spend some or sit there and wait. While this guys steadily spend with NO PAUSE other than they capped everything they have.

Well let’s see.

  1. I agree with you that there is a gap (and so does he)

  2. Where I might differ is how wide the gap is, or has to be for a game to remain profitable and fun for (relatively) all.

Game of War had a gap too wide for me to accept as a FTP. This game doesn’t. Yet. :wink:


It wont become none profitable as long as there are rich SOB with credit cards that wanna compete against each other. Bugatti still sells cars as does Porsche Lamborghini and Bentley. How many players here own any of those csrs??? But I bet many have Honda, Ford Taurus and camrys. And the car gap continues to this day.

I’m sure I’ll be shut down for veering off topic, but I really can’t understand this analogy?

If my Toyota gets me from A to B, what difference does it make that it’s not a Bentley? I certainly don’t think there’s a “gap” because someone else wants to spend money on an expensive car?

I suppose the anology would make more sense E & P-wise if we were comparing racing cars with a “reward” at the end of the race.


Whales will always be whales if there’s a reason to be a whale.

Wrap your heads around that.

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