FTP able to do a 10 summon pull: Where?

Months gone by and I’m now able to do a 10 pull, but I dont know where. Next time I’ll be able to do another, we’ll most likely have S3 heroes, so I want to make it count. LONG POST AHEAD

The places I’ve interest on are:

Riddles of Wonderland: Alice/Queen of hearts/White Rabbit

  • So I find myself wanting 3/5 legendary heroes. So if I win the lottery and the game gives me a roll for an Event 5* hero summon, I’ll be having 60% of getting something I want.
    -I also belive I can do an extra 5/8 event token summons (I managed to collected 70/80 coins last event). If the coin drop rates haven been ninja nerfed, ofc.

Fables of grimforest:
I’m only interested in the 4* and maybe Snow white. But then again I dont have Willbur to combo with her.
This event doesnt looks interesting enough for me

X-mas event:
-I’ve 8 Hero tokens saved and I would love to get MN, Buddy and Rudolph are cool as a consolation prize.

Atlantis Summons:
November should be Evelyn/Proteus + Tarlak/Mitsuko
-My Green bench is the worst by far of all the colors. And Evelyn and Tarlak are rockstars for Titan killing, Evelyn even can find herself a spot on Raids.
-Out of this 4 I’m only interested in Evelyn/Tarlak, I wouldnt cry myself to sleep if I pull a Mitsuko… but dont want her. So for me to be happy I have a 50% of getting what I want if, I win the lottery and manage to pull a 5* Atlantlis roll.
-Hotm Neith is average, not great nor does it suck. But If I want to go for a Hotm it better be an OP one.
-This month looks average.

December should be Onatel/Natalya + Kageburado/Atomos
-Only one here I really would love to have is Onatel. Natalya seems pretty good but then again, I feel that if I wanted her I would just wait and go for Jean-François On February. Kageburado is really cool but I already have a Seshat, so I’ll never be able to Max him. Atomos is a ****** and I have him already, and will never get out of 3/50
-So chances of getting what I want after winning the lottery are 25%. Pretty low.
-Hotm Grimble is not for me, I cant afford to hunt a hero with a niche ability.
-This month looks terrible.

January should be Kunchen/Zeline + Misandra/Poseidon
-So even if I cant afford to ascend two purple heroes to max, Kunchen is the most OP ****** I’ve ever fought on War when Field Aids is up and the bugger is on a corner. But he is also a beast of a Tank, and you cant go wrong with him. So I wouldnt hate to have him even at 4/70
-Zeline is a rockstar vs Blue Titans and also my green bench is terrible lacking. She also does well in raid defense when paired with a red tank which I have (Colen at 10 emblems). So she is a Win-win for me
-Poseidon is a really good yellow sniper, so nothing to hate if I get him.
-Vela for a Hotm looks nice, doesnt blow my mind but she is a Titan player for sure. Also Fast ult makes her usable vs red on raids. Still, I dont hate her but February and March heroes look x10 better. (nerf/buff can change this ofc). So what I have here is aa wooping 75% chance of getting an Atlantlis hero that I would love to have, and a % of getting a decent Hotm, making this month look solid.

February should be Frida/Delilah + Mok-Arr/Ariel
-I would only love to get Ariel here, wouldnt be pissed if I pulled Frida but not overjoyed either. As for Delilah, I would much rather have Guinevere or Onatel for tank imho.
-Hotm is the French magician which I’d love to have (if he doesnt get nerfs or gets a little nerf).
-So Im looking at a 25% of getting what I really want, which a small % of getting the Hotm that would love and another 25% of getting a Frida, which again… wouldnt love but also wouldnt hate. This month looks average.

March should be Aeron/Anzogh + Ursena/Inari
-Only hero where I wouldnt be dissapointed if I get to have a 5* Atlantlis hero roll is Ursena. And again, I have my hands full with Seshat, so Ursena will sit at 4/70 for forever after.
-Hotm Telluria looks INSANE, I would love to have her. A green tank that actually can scare ppl in this meta looks to be a keeper (ofc she can get nerf but still, being a Green tank of worthy potential is a nice perk).
-So this month overall looks bad, only redeeming quality is the Hotm.

Extra info:
-My alliance is farming 8/9* Titans. I always get a B rank on them and sometims an A (only on 8*). So I belive I dont really have to worry much on that front. Only weak spot I have is Blue titans, where my bench sucks and if I we get 2 blue titans in a row my chances of keeping a B grade drops a lot.
-I’ve saved 1.1k atlantlis coins and Im still 5/6 provinces away from finishing Atlantlis Hard.
-Here is my current hero roster:
(click on immage to enlarge)




TLDR As a FTP player with above roster, where I should invest my hard earned 2600 gems+ 1.1k Atlantlis coins and 8 Hero summon tokens.


I want to be 100% honest with you.

Don’t expect to get any of the heroes you’ve mentioned.
I’m apt to lean towards Christmas event because Buddy, Mother North and Santa are all great.

Atlantis draws cost 3000 gems so I think those are not in your 2600 gem budget.


I personally say save the tokens for X-Mas, if there are multiple featured heroes that you want, then try to spread out the summons as much as possible. For the 10 pull, you have to assess which hero set you want the most and so it there.

I know I am doing my x10 pull at Atlantis because the odds for challenge and event heroes and so dang low that I am only gonna pull with challenge coins for Wonderland. Granted the Atlantis pull is 3K gems but imo, the roster is bigger and the chances of getting non-vanilla heroes is better. For the challenge events, just pull with challenge coins and not gems.


Oh, ofc I dont. I have had 46 TC20 pulls, which by community standars have a 5% chance of giving you a 5* which are x5 times higher than what this other evens do. And Im still at 0% on 5* heroes. So I know the abyssal rates of which this game is built upon. But I want to do the best possible pull, so I can have no regrets after failing miserably and get nothing in return.

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As long as that’s understood, I think my preference would be:

January AR


I forgot to mention but Atlantlis pull do have a better “happiness drop rate” for me atleast, because I dont have Willbur or Proteus. Which are two 4* that would love to have


@Kara0ke I still need to get Wilbur across all three of my profiles and get Proteus across the two alts. I wouldn’t be sad if I got a dupe Proteus on my main. I am also hoping some 4 star healers will show themselves on my main as I only have Belith and Hawkmoon on my main.

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I feel you. I have used my Belith so much she should have a medal. I even finished last event on Legendary while using her. Any 4/5* healer is always welcomed in my home, for sure.

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By January I should be able to get 3k gems for x10 Atlantlis pull. So It’s a possibility by that time.

Knowing the chance of not getting a 5* I would aim for 4* that are great and be excited if a 5* pops. That in mind I would say since you do not have Wilbur or Proteus, those two are more likely to pop out. Christmas also has buddy, so maybe pull with tokens and if you pull buddy just save for Gems Atlantis.

There is a misconception that something good “has” to drop when there is a 10x or 30x summon on the table. Aside from Frida when first available, I’ve not had a single 5* dropped out of the summon portal in almost 2 years of playing.

As a fellow F2P, I hope your luck for gem / coin summoning result is better than mine. Keep your expectations low, so you won’t feel as bad if things don’t go your way, and elated should things do.


IMO, skip Wonderland and draw on any Atlantis month, Proteus and Wilbur is very good, and you do not have it. And 10x pull atlantis will get 1 unfarmable mats. After you get Proteus and Wilbur, skip all summon until Guardian Teltoc to get Jackal and Falcon.


If you don’t have proteus and Wilbur definitely save for an Atlantis pull, plus you’ll get a bonus non-farmable ascension item.

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Keep running your TC20, it’ll break loose. You probably already understand this but it’s worth mentioning. I agree with @jinbatsu that the priority should be Atlantis. The challenge and seasonal events have such low odds that it’s hard to say “I’m pulling for x hero.”

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Doesn’t matter becaus with 10 summons you int getting anything :joy:
But defnetly try to get the Mother, it’s an unique skill and only available once in a year.

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Tokens = Christmas
Gems = Teltoc Event or Avalon Event
Atlantis tokens = November


Atlantis odds are better than event odds. If you’re F2P I’d recommend doing a 10 pull from Atlantis. There’s some very powerful 4* Atlantis heroes too

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Thanks a lot for all the help guys!. What I have gathered from all the feedback is:
-Pull only on Atlantlis. At least untill you get Wilbur and Proteous.
-Epic Hero tokens for X-mas
-Event Tokens for Telcon and fish for 4* elemental debuffers.

So, I’ll use me Atlantlis coin on this month Atlantis. Hoping to get Tarlak or Evelyn. And hold my gems for January Atlantis where there is Kunchen/Zeline/Poseidon. Maybe I’ll wait ant see here, because February and March specially hotm looks nuts.

Thanks again for the help peeps.

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I am very close to being in the same situation as you. F2P. No Proteus or Wilbur. But I did have the good fortune to pull Onatel and Poseidon, so there’s that. The above strategy is exactly what I’m doing. And I hope the Christmas portal is open into January. I currently have 11 EHTs, and I hope to have enough challenge coins for 8-9 pulls by January. 20+ pulls in one month is a lot for FTP, so I’m hopeful to score Vela - who, as you said, looks solid but not spectacular. Certainly more helpful than Grimble for me. For Guardians, I’m targeting Falcon and Jackal, but wouldn’t mind Panther, obviously. For Christmas, I’d love MN - who wouldn’t? - but would be more than content with Buddy. I probably won’t have enough for a 10x Atlantis pull by then, but I will do as many as I can with gems to get Proteus and Wilbur. Don’t want to wait because Kunchen would be such a great fit on my defense team. I know it’s long odds, but it’s the only time he’s available for a year.

All this is a long way of saying I endorse your plan, and will be doing the same myself. As FTP, you can’t spend a lot of time and energy chasing very rare five-star, or you will be disappointed far more often than not.

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ICYMI, Christmas portal has been confirmed to go into January: