Frustration killing the game. 8-7 nerfed, materials & ascension mats not dropping

Been farming 8-7,12-9, etc for a very long time (high demand for recruits), but since the previous update I noticed a considerable drop in material income. This is a huge problem when you fight 12* Titans, now they made trials even harder to boot.

Apart from Dragon Bones (1 pw) & Nuggets (3 pw) I get tons of the same materials over & over, but nothing mana related.

Midnights Roots (34) & Grimoire Dust (11) especially, even leather strips (80) drop rates have plummeted & alliance members report the same concern.

I get 100’s of Steel, Lumber, Shards, Leaves, Ores. I have over 2k each.

Been farming all over the place trying to find ‘my’ sweet stage. Nowhere. Completed S2 Hard, not worth the flag cost - almost never drops the increased chance.

I’m out of ideas & very frustrated. I’ve been skipping a lot, not only are Monster, Raid & AW chest rewards a complete joke, rare and wanted chest rewards is hardly worth the effort & skip costs.

SG sucked all the fun out of the game for a lot of us. Yes, it’s a grind, but frustrating players like this is taking things so far that the only reason some of us still play is because of the friends in our alliances & not the game. (oh no, now we will have to pay for that too!)
In fact, most of us decided to drop cups & titan to spare us the hard work for poor loot and disappointed after disappointment waiting forever to level heroes while they keep rolling them out on a conveyor belt.

Not only do you have a shed full of shiny new heroes stuck at 2/60 that cost real money (a pic in a wallet), the basics are also nerfed to death. S2 was just a ploy to sell heroes, not fun, just a longer boring battle & has no balance for material & recruit income vs flag costs.

We track loot income & use the community loot sheet.

Ps. Don’t even bother killing a rare Titan. It is a complete waste of items & time.


I just commented to my alliance members about something weird I’ve noticed.

I farm 8.7 almost exclusively on both my profiles. I play the two games identically actually, very active on both, building up and using up resources in the same manner on both.

On one profile I have plenty of materials to craft battle items. On the other profile my inventory is always empty, I can’t even craft arrows!

If I only had that last profile I would think there is something seriously wrong with my game. Having the two profiles actually shows me how crazy, random it is.


I have 3 accounts. L52, L41, L30. New / low level accounts always get better loot, even heroes, etc. That is how they rope you in imho. Then it dries up, just like my wallet


Midnight roots and grimoire dust (aka “purple coke”) are always rare. Best hunting for those, per flag, are 1-7-1 and 1-6-3, respectively per @BarryWuzHere et al. research:

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Neither of my accounts are low level and they are only separated by a few months. The profile that is seeing more materials is actually my older account.


Yeah, we used that sheet too & made our own. 8-7 has been nerfed for sure. We have over 300 people in our Line groups. How come so many report the same issue?
Thx for the link, we have it pinned, but apart from 5.8 for nuggets the rest is 99% miss.

Interesting indeed. Thx for the share :slight_smile:

It’s all a balancing act and resource management. If I run out of materials for one item I switch to using a different item for titans. Mana potions are a luxury item for me and I only occasionally use them, as well as other items required to compete in the challenge events. I rotate between using items that I can craft easily like arrows, health pots, antidotes, banners and sometimes time stops etc etc.


Slightly off-topic but I also thought it extremely interesting that my two profiles were so close in 4 and 5 stars (leveled and unleveled).

I built this roster as a free to play player for 14/16 months.

Princess: 5 stars - 16
Prinstoo: 5 stars - 15

Princess: 4 stars - 35
Prinstoo: 4 stars - 36

1-7-1 and 1-6-3 only have 18 and 16 data(run) respectively, statistically, it is not enough to accurately determine the real drop rate.

If we look at the levels which have at least 100 run, there are some noteworthy observation:

Grimoire Dust
Increased chance at province: 20 & 23
1:8-7 (969 run) - 0.043
1:20-4 (169 run) - 0.034
1:23-9 (295 run) - 0.050
1:23-11 (293 run) - 0.043

Hardwood Lumber
Increased chance at province: 21
1:8-7 (969 run) - 0.042
1:21-9 (106 run) - 0.030

Midnight Roots
Increased chance at province: 22
1:8-7 (969 run) - 0.035
1:22-9 (67 run) - 0.030 (no level with at least 100 run in province 22)

Based on those data, the increased chance that the game advertise is inaccurate.


Just did a run again from a previous note I made S2 Stage 14 Normal. Dropped Grimoire Dust & Nuggets almost every level & most 2.14-10. Also some roots & dragon bones. Penalty is recruits & flag cost, but it was consistent for me.

6 Nuggets, 5 Dust, 1 Meteor, 1 Dragon Bone in one complete run of stage 14.

From digging into the farming data, I’ve drawn three conclusions:

  1. Many levels lack sufficient data to achieve statistical significance for 4* crafting or even 3* crafting. (I want to define this better and flag the results which are suspect, but haven’t finished it)

  2. A “more frequent” item in a given province seems to benefit at the expense of other items with of the same type and number of stars. So if you get more midnight roots, you will get fewer grimnir dust, hardwood, and steel.

Nothing I’ve seen shows any hint that they displace common herbs instead!

  1. The drop rates are so low with 4* and 3* crafting that farming for them is dubious except perhaps a few very special cases. Contrast that with 1* items like backpacks, rugged clothes, common herbs, or crude iron, all of which have farming levels Ivan recommend for them.

Finding the same. I use 7-4 now as 8-7 has become useless. Also I recall they said asc mats are extremely rare to keep the ‘fun’ but when you have both 4* and 5* stuck at resp. 3-60 and 3-70 for months where is the ‘fun’?!
We just beat a rare 10*, I ended no 6 and I got literally zero asc mats…
Really starting to lose the will on this game by now

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I agree, The entertainment is getting sucked out of the game. I mean how much more can you sqeeze your customers. You are totally right that a lot of ppl are still in the game only because of the friends they’ve made otherwise the game with all it’s pocket pulling annoyances would have been dropped long ago.

New & exciting content just got added to the game. We call it the TournaJokes. Promising excitement & “GREAT” rewards.

And nerfing the map rewards is a disgraceful move against your customers I think. I say vote with your wallet.

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Current reduced tournament loot has been explained by developers:

On the other hand, tournament loot is now not worse than a raid chest (even better in “below 1%” and “1%-5%”). Why complaining about an extra source of something?

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Well, rare titans and their effort/reward balance are a subject of a separate discussion. But in general Titan loot doesn’t look bad. My daughter and I play in the same alliance hunting 8-9* Titans and our impression is that on average every next (may be every third) titan loot brings a not farmable ascension item.

I dunno it took me about 90 days to get a 4* hero…and my 3s weren’t even that good, I’ve been playing now for almost 5.5 months and now I have 16 4s and just got King Arthur, although I do notice that ascension mats are dropping alot less then before last couple updates, it’s getting a bit frustrating especially if you’re really not inna position to pay for ascension mats in packs they offer, but have 9 4s to 3-60 and 4 to tier 4 but lol now I have a 5* to LVL up and just got my first and only telescope the other day… SMH grinding here!!

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