Frustration – How do you get epic heroes and ascension mats? Why are raid and War matches unfair?

How do you get epic hero’s. I see a lot of lower level players with legendary hero’s or full set epic hero’s. Training at level 14 result in 1 epic hero’ in about 20 trainings. A very poor result in comparison to the cost.
In my case all the epic hero’s need a compass for the finnal upgrade. In 5 months playing I received 1 by beating a Titan, the other I earned in a Quest 6 weeks ago. In a few days I am stuck and can’t make my team any stronger.
Last but nog least in Attacks the first 3 matches(something 7 Ir more) in 80% of the case are with players with a teamforce over 200 higher . No Chance. With over 1 million players more equal matching shouldn’t be a problem and more fair since you pay with food for making a new match.
Last in Wars it is now foto the seconden time in a row we meet An Alliance with An index 15000 points higher(50%). Then whatever is the user of such index?

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Welcome to EP… You will only advance if you spend money and if you read this forum lots of it.
People pay thousands of dollars a year and yet are not satisfied with what they got.

The quicker you get it in your mind that this game plays against you all the time everywhere the better you will be able to get enjoyment.
If you dont spend any money it will take months/years to get whatever heros/mats you dream about.

Theres no other way around this.
In raids and wars you play against the other players better teams, but the game itself plays with a different set of rules than you so from the get go you will be at a huge disadvantage.
So play with what you have and hope that you will get a decent game board that will give you plenty of combos.
Have fun.

Hi @BijSikkel

I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations, they are certainly not unique.

I’ll reply to some of your points with what is my knowledge of the current situation; I’m not necessarily saying that it’s right or won’t be changed in the future:

This is s long term game. I have seven in one year. You can either pay a considerable amount of money or save every gem and slowly build a level 20 training camp. In each case there is a considerable random aspect. If you find this frustrating, this may not be the game for you as it is a fundamental principle of the game mechanics.

Rare materials are often a source of frustration. You can maximize your chances by being part of a competitive alliance - high level titans are a good source of materials. Also rare quests and elemental chests, however one needs to take every opportunity - complete every chest and fight every war. It is a considerable commitment.

A difference of 200 is relatively inconsequential as you progress but is a challenge at gold tier and below, in my estimation. Consider rerolling your opponent.
In many cases, taking two of the strong colour heroes can give you a chance to beat a higher level opponent. This becomes more practicable as you gain more heroes.

Alliance war matchmaking has been a source of considerable conflict between players and developers. I believe that the metric is the best it has ever been and takes into account which specific players are fighting, what your best 30 heroes are and your previous war record. Alliance score is irrelevant. Be that as it may, mismatches still occur and we all agree that a run of losses is demoralising.

So in summary, if you enjoy playing the game regularly and the social aspect, then most of your issues can be dealt with.
However, if you want to play alone or casually AND make frequent progress, then it will cost a considerable amount of money.

Good luck to you in your adventures.



I remember when I first started playing, I felt many of the same frustrations. Here’s a list of some tips that may help you enjoy your gameplay.


Thanks for the replies and they somehow confirm my thoughts. I haven’t spent any money and will not in the future because you don’t know what you will receive in return for your gems. Anyway I relieved my frustration.
For the developers I think this is short term thinking because a lot of players leave the game

Yeah, it can be a grind. Re compasses I hope you have read this thread:

Basically rare quests happen every 1.5 weeks or so and compasses are available every 7th rotation.

But 3 star mats are actually not that hard to come by. This is a reference:


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