Been trying for the last 2 days to purchase the 200 gem packages x 5 for $1.49 keeps coming up error try again later also when you purchase the VIP pass says you will get 1 Emblem a day no such thing.
Not 1 to complain but this & other bugs in the game are becoming very frustrating

I always gain 1 emblem from vip pass. :?

Sometimes there is a lag in purchase, system thinks you haven’t completed your previous purchase so it won’t let you make a new one. It usually goes away within 24 hours, but if it is stuck like this for longer, try setting up support ticket (to E&P or Google Pay; when it happened to me I tried both, but it just resolved itself few hours later).

Vip emblem is gained when you click on the Collect Gems by the dragon. If you pay attention you will notice that beside gems and loot tickets, there is also one emblem flying up.

Just to add on. If you don’t collect the emblems, you lose them. I don’t like that aspect of the vip, but it’s how it’s set up.

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