Frustrated with raids

Oh now you’re just demolishing their hidden excuses for not doing better.

I just sant to say a couple of things.
1: I never said the game cheated or was rigged.
2: I have nothing to lie about. I do not know why anyone would lie. There is nothing to gain from it.
3: I don’t care if you believe me. That is your problem not mine.

I enjoy this game and the discussion boards. I know there are tons of players that get on here and say things are rigged or what ever but that is not what I did. I find it interesting that some people so quickly attack posters when they discuss their experience.

I di have another thought. While I do think all the data that has been collected is very solid, it does not mean that in smaller segments of time, a players experience can not be counter to that data. By nature, the kind of data that I have seen works out over time. It does not mean that someone is lying when their experience is different for a shorter segment of time. It is frustrating to be accused of lying.

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That’s weird and unhealthy to the forum by making that to only one voice. Every player has their own perspective and opinion, unless their post is rude or deliberately creat argue otherwise shut their mouth off may actually mean the game really has problem that cant be disclosed.

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