Frustrated with raids

24 raids since yesterday 3 losses. All with the same team. The game isn’t rigged but it sanctions every mistake you make so if you have a low winrate on attack you should focus on getting better in one or more of those steps

Step A: Choosing the best fitting formaton for your roster and troops (you want to have all 5 heroes mana broken)
Step B: Build a team that checks the specials of your enemy and answers them.
Step C: Know your teams manabar! (How many tiles do you need to charge a special?)
Step D: Learn2play the board and most importantly take your time to check all available options it doesn’t matter if you win in 5min or 1min but its more likely you do bad moves the faster you move tiles around.
Focus on setting up(there are some patterns you should learn to see) and forming a diamond. (Preferably on color)

I only ask you this. If it is rigged…against you…YOU…what did you do to them to make them decide to turn on the awful board filter and ruin your gaming life? It would be such an odd decision by the devs to pick and choose people to ruin. I tend to think you had a streak of bad luck. We have all been there. Some days are horrific…some days i feel like the king of raiding.
But, I dont see what gain would be made by purposely making people angry. The summons odds do that well enough already…and we know that going in.

Well apparently you are one of the chosen. The boards were so bad during war that I (I’m the leader of my alliance) told my alliance to hit and flee. No sense wasting what valuable time I have for the night getting whipped. I have better things to do and better games to play. Zero points. Hah! Reduced playing time on the game. Is that the programmers goal? To get players so disgusted and pissed off they don’t care any more. Brought 3 dark had 4 dark tiles. Next one since all my darks were used up brought nature and holy. An 'll behold a full board of dark tiles. So ******* rigged

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I feel bad about the way the puzzle pieces are arranged. The number of my main attribute is only 3 out of 35 pieces each time. Does the management think this makes the game interesting? No, it’s not fun. It’s stressful. What I want from a game is stress relief and exhilaration.

Please record 10 consecutive raids so we can see how each time you get a starting board with 3 of your stack colour

Indiesem Drecksspiel wird man nur Betrogen. Obwohl das Mana vom Gegner noch nicht mal zur Hälfe aufgefüllt ist löst er schon aus nach einem Zug. Was ein Witz. Es ist und bleibt ein Abzocker Drecksspiel.

■■■■ Game der letzte Dreck

Sorry, I don’t speak Dreck.

It’s reasonable that the more cups you get the stronger the opponents your face with, but the point is the way to define max cups the player can get. Its seem defined by some criterias rather than true random boards, that’s why you can’t get more cups once your max cups amount is reach you current limit unless you get more powerful heroes, or even newer heroes, level of 4* troopy and of course, they need to be full maxed.

We should able to see some players can reach to high (or very high) rank with mediocre offense team if the boards is real random, and some players who has powerful offense team but at lower rank. I’m not saying that player’s skill and hero’s power are no need, but seems that’s only work within player’s current cup limitation, and that’s the “limitation” I’m talking about.

Something I’ve seen myself and others underestimating (until learning to pay attention) is the level of troops.

I was surprised that I had better heroes and having problems to kill my opponents’ S1 heroes, without paying attention to the fact that they had much better troops than me.

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This is true, and I have seen this on occasion, but you need a long string of great boards to do so and that is not a common occurrence. When you get higher in cup count you get attacked by stronger teams and drop down again fast. Especially if your defense is not that strong. So it is a fleeting thing.

That cups mechanic is to prevent any player can reach to very high rank by mediocre team, and also prevent any player who have very strong offfense and defense team but drop to very low rank (unless they use cup dropping strategy).

Sounds fair ? Ostensibly is. But in fact is to sort out player to their suitable rank, so they only able to reach to higher rank by having more powerful (may be also need newer) heroes, 4* troopies, full maxed, fully emblemed, and now need to break their limit.

Why ? Because players who able to reach high rank by mediocre team may lose their interest on new hero summoning, and players who have strong team but always at lower rank may also lose their interest on new hero summoning or finally stop to play the game. Those results are directly affact to Zynga and SGG business.

The cups mechanic is like any other ladder system such as used in chess. The stronger you are the higher you will be. It’s a natural outcome of the setup. RNG allows weaker players to sometimes do well, but they will not sustain it. Why is that some kind of a conspiracy?

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Because mediocre players with mediocre teams deserve just as much chance to be at the top! The fact that they are not proves it is a conspiracy.

I’m thinking of changing my tag to “Homaclese fanboy”. I am going to stick my neck on the line and say those with statistics such as 82% of my boards are rigged are lying and that is why they won’t post a vid of 10 consecutive raids. There is also a major factor involved here of knowledge and skill. I can pretty much tell you every characters skills, stats, buffs debuffs, passives. Therefore I know which heroes I can dump tiles into and which I can’t. Even when I get only 3 or 4 tiles (yes my shoulders slump) I don’t give up until its lost. My favourite team to raid with is on my alt account with Viv C, Devana, Joon C, Uraeus and Sif. Its 4670 TP and I would go as far as saying (without any statistical backup or videos) that I win well over 75% of raids, and I only every raid nasty looking teams (through jealousy mainly :slight_smile: ).

And people need to stop knocking Noor too. She’s gonna carry me to the top of the magic tower with her 5 curse max and her 1500HP of minion meatshield

stop playing MONO play rainbow attack and then you have no issue like resto of us! Mono cryer :slight_smile:

Dieses Forum ist englisch, wenn du das nicht benutzen kamndtvifer magst, oeffne einen Thread im fremsdsprachlichennteil.

This forummus in english, if xou cant orxwont use it, open a thread in the foreign language part of the forum.

But I think you understand english well enough so we should have have the courtesy to communicate in the language everybody here can understand.

First this game has an economical purpose, the devs want and need to earn money, its ni public fomain university project.
Second ranting an swearing do nothing for xour credibility. If you think you have readon to complain prepare the facts. I like to quote @Homaclese : „ recitd 10 consecutive raids, and present them here“. The we can all look if we see someting strange, rigged or a bug.
Third adk xourself a wuestion: Do you think the devs sre stupid enough to frustrate and alienate a huge part of the playerbase with rigged biardd to sell them better heroes? I font think do, every sales professional will agree thT a unhappy customer is not very likrely to spend.
Cool down, tune doen your expectations, and learn to play. The learning oart is not to offend xou, but after nearly 20 months in the game, level 68 and a defense team strength of more than 4650, and the luck to spend a few minutes with the top100 cup holders, I still learn something new every day.

Happy gaming

Yes I know, but how well the weaker player can do is still affected by the hidden caps limitation, you never see a player can do especially well by using weak team, even start with friendly boards, carefully on every move but usually loses the battle by other factor such as opponent unreasonable offense / defense power, poor hit rate… etc (I also wonder if mana gain is also varible based on number of your cups but I didn’t record that, may be I’m wrong on that).

Yeah there is nothing hidden in what you just described, the higher you go, the stronger the defense. A weak team would need to be played perfectly time after time, with all good luck (boards, opponent selection for slash and special attacks, talents activating), to climb high, which is statistically highly improbable - without any other factors needing to influence it. And once in the top 100 there would be a race against the clock as your super weak defense would be raided time and time again for losses of 48 cups whilst you gain 13 cups with each win.

No need to wonder, mana gain is not tied into cups. Sleep easy tonight.

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