Frustrated with raids

I am really starting to hate this game

I agree raids are frustrating, is is way too easy to crack any defence now. Return 20% boost to defence!

If it really is something that makes you frustrated. Maybe you should just focus on other game modes first like farming and titans. Take a break first and try again later

I’m looking at the team you presented so I can only go from there. Cyprian here is still too weak at 3:60. But this is by no means to say he’s weak. What you need to do is to also pay attention to which hero the troops are partnered with. Your cyprian who is the weakest hero in your team gets the weakest troop if you noticed. Rigard doesn’t need that strong 4* troop, since he is maxed everything. would be better to give to Cyprian for more survivability. And tbh the troops are just as important as anything else. Invest some resources in improving your troops.

Unlike boril, I consider Cyprian to be a pure counterattacker, which means his defence is really low and his health high. You will need to find troops that give more health boosts to make use of Cyprian’s qualities.

Since you play counterattack, it would be nicer if you get heroes with higher health and lower defence because they will take more damage and counterattack even more. This would synergize more with counterattack mechanics. Gormek would be a perfect candidate. Defence down with really high health.
Well this is how I would play counterattack anyways. It may not fit your playstyle, just advice from me. as I mentioned, test out your team in farming stages first. If you like how the team plays then bring it over to raids

You can also start to use costume rigard to synergize attack boost with mireweave. I personally don’t use mireweave but at least c rigard will boost her attack stack more

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What other mana controllers do you have? When I was just starting out, I main Proteus and Hansel for the mana control. While pro’s mana control is top notch, he is too slow at average and too frail to tank hits. That’s why I cover up the slower speed of pro with the faster Hansel who can pretty much attack first and shut down the tank. I will also assume all your raid matches are standard formations. I think you just need more hitters.

So I have been tracking boards and after 250 raid boards I am getting 82% with 4 tiles or less of my stacked color to start. This is using 3 different stacked colors in that time. I do not know what to think about that but it certainly does continue to frustrate me.

Please share your data.

Also, can you please record 10 consecutive raids? As 82% is such a high number it should be very easy to replicate that with the small sample of 10.

What data do you want? I just shared it. I also am not sure why you want me to record the raids unless you are insinuating that I am lying which is silly. I have nothing to gain from that. I will try to record the raids although I am not sure why a acreenshot from the start would not work.

The raw spreadsheet data… which is what anyone who has shared data before has shared. Not just the summary figures.

That would be good, thanks. It will just show the consecutive aspect rather than cherry-picking. Not saying you would do that, but it has been done before.

I don’t have a spread sheet. Just used a sheet of paper and a simple tic mark system to collect it. I was just looking at it for myself. As far as the video goes it is sad someonexwould lie. I can’t figure out what anyone would get out of it but I guess someone has.

The reason I particularly look forward to seeing your videos (as the data is not available) is because it is so far out of the expected norm.

I created a simple algorithm where I processed 10000 unbiased boards. It doesn’t factor in discarding boards where you have an immediate match, but that would have a very minimal impact in the percentages (probably some of the very high skews in one color would be discared because the chances of a match for those goes up the higher the number is).

Over the 10000 boards the number of boards that got 4 tiles or less in ANY color was 14.3%. You are seeing almost the exact opposite at 82% (basically equivalent to the chances of seeing boards witih 5 or more tiles).

Hence, why I really want to see these boards…

I stick solidly in low diamond (2400-2700) with mainly two monocolor 4* teams - monored and monoblue. My defense is also only 4*. I see a lot of boards that look bad initially, however when I work a bit on them most turn out decent enough to win or even great. Of course there are boards where I see 2-3 of my tiles’ color and they stay bad no matter what I do, however looking at my raid history daily usually the number of those is limited to 30% of the total boards. It’s also important to choose carefully your opponents - some teams and formations leave you far less time to work on the board for the win.

Processed 10k boards. :exploding_head:


I do like your direction!
I just want to add,

Is your roster the expected norm?
I doubt his is. The data will vary regarding this discrepancy between players.

It will also vary for the different decisions folks make when working boards…! I like this one the most. It means that charting win rates is a personal indication. Not a public one.

And further vary for the different decisions they make regarding their team composition.

And even further vary…for how strong their defense is!
Sounds crazy right?
But a stronger defense will keep them higher on the whale chart. Which will stress their exposure to bad RnG against more often and more powerful enemy defenses. Someone who cup drops may have 98% win rate…

Bad luck is an interesting variable.
Power creeps are not.

This whole thread reminds me of 3.6 roentgen, not great, not terrible either…

On second thought…
Barring community content. The whole forum maybe this way

Es ist und bleibt ein Scheiss Betrüger Spiel . Nur ausgelegt um noch mehr Kohle zu verdienen. Gerecht ist anders

None of that has to do with the number of tiles on the starting board.

No it doesn’t

I criss-crossed topics in the middle of an all-nighter

Please, carry-on

The hidden limitation is the higher your cups the stronger the opponents you face.

I just did 6 raids. Out of a possible 30 heroes towards my chest, I only got 8. This totally backs up the fact that the game is rigged. It already predetermined if a player is going to loose or not. I went in mono, lost because the RNG created boards opposite colors/elements that I needed. It is not just one or two, this lopsidedness lasted the entire raid. Same team rematch brought rainbow. Still lost. Rematch still lost. So the boards were flipping to the opposite regardless of which set up I had. These programmers need to figure out how to fix this. I’m loosing people in my alliance cuz they are getting fed up. We don’t expect to win 100% of the time, however we don’t expect to loose 80% of the time as well. PLEASE FIX THESE BOARDS!!! I do not have all day to focus on the game. As it it I’m playing for 4 hours which is excessive. I’ve actually started to explore other games as well cuz what I just went through is totally uncalled for by the game parameters.

One day I do 6 raids and get 10-12 heroes for my chest. Next day I do 6 raids and get 30. RNGesus.

I had one day it took me 23 raids to get to 40!

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