Frustrated with raids

I know there are a lot of topics about raids. I have a few issues that I want to vent about. First over the last month I am winning 35%-37% of all raids I do. I have won 1 out of the last 55 riads that were done on me. I have won 4 out of the last 40 revenge raids I have been on. Finally I understand that there has been a ton of data posted about tile colors when stacking. My issue is that I have a 2-1-1-1 team and 3 out of every 4 boards do not produce my stacked color until late in the game. I am not sure why this is happening but it is. I like the game but am getting to a point where I am getting Frustrated and mad almost every time I play. I just got my 1st 5* hero 2 weeks ago but the resources required to do anything takes so long to gain. I don’t mind the grind of the game but I cannot do much because resources are so scarce and so I do the raids and thing but now cannot seem to win any of those. I just cannot figure out why I cannot win at a better rate.

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You mentioned a 2 1 1 1 team at some point. Do you always use this system? This stack is the closest one to rainbow, not very effective on offense… Maybe you should give a try to other attack formations like 3-2, 2-2-1 or even mono, might increase your win rate. Do you always use the same 2 1 1 1 team on raids, or do you chose your attackers based on the enemy you face? Even if at higher levels, using the same all rounder team might work against any enemy, if you’re new(ish) at the game and don’t have the right heroes, this pattern will most likely fail you big time. Try choosing you attack heroes based on the enemy formation, bring counters for the enemy special skills, stack colors against their greatest threats. Revenge raids might be a bit of a challenge in the sense of you not being the one to choose the opponent team, but having to face whatever the game throws your way. Even so, revenge runs are usually favored by many raiders, as you don’t have to worry about them getting back at you. As for defense, that’s not much you can do about it, except being lucky and landing those overpowered defensive heroes that top players have. As long as you don’t have that kind of heroes, your defense will be easy prey, as soon as you cross a certain trophy threshold. And last, but not least, try to overcome the frustration feelings that raiding brings along. I used to hurt a lot because of failed raid related frustration, throwing phones across the room and the whole 9 yards, but I long got over it. Took about 15000 victories to leave frustration behind, but today it’s not there anymore, win or lose it’s just the same, just a pass time…


Just use mono like all ppl do. so much simple.

I don’t mean to sound mean, but what I’m hearing is “I’m raiding how I’ve always raided, but it’s not working anymore. Please change the game back.” … :woman_shrugging:

I may not like all the changes in the past year, but wouldn’t it be dreadfully boring if the game didn’t evolve?

Personally, I raid 3-2 or 4-1 (not everyone raids mono as has been implied :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). Since I never spent a lot, and now not spending at all, I’m seeing defenses that are getting tougher faster than I am. Meh, power creep is here to stay.

If you’re not effective winning raids, I suggest you come to the forum seeking help on how to improve your percentage. I think you will get more involved answers by asking specific questions (“how can I beat this defense with my roster”) than by being too general.



Try to stick with revenge attacks for a while. That way you don’t have to spend ham finding opponents. Often you’ll find that the defense of attackers is not so hard to beat.

Definitely try to find synergies in your line up. For instance teaming Almur with two green attackers will help you kill tougher opponents. The same with Nordri if you are using 3* heroes. Bring heroes that boost your attack and others that can lower defense. Heroes that block mana or specials are also useful.

Here are my defense and attack teams. I do not have much outside of them. I have jabbar, Little John, Kellie that I am close to getting usable. I also just got Leonidas who I have not done much with. I have a few others but cannot do anything with because of lack of ascension materials. I do move them in and out as I need them but just lack viable options. I have been playing for about 9 months. I have used some mono and other combos but just do not have enough strong enough. I am at level 33 and currently have 1781 cups. I know I am probably out performing in terms of cups. I was just unloading some frustration over the last few weeks. No one likes to lose as often as I have.

It sounds like you are raiding in too strong of a tier for your roster. I would suggest you weaken your defense a bit so you get matchups more in line with your capabilities. At low gold or even silver you should start getting matchups closer to your current level.

Winning raids is a good source of iron, and even more from the raid chests (plus very occasionally ascension mats). Better to win more in a lower arena while you’re building.


I fluctuate down to mid 1600s and up to 2100s. I recognize the upper numbers are to high for me but it is based on cups. You saying I should use weaker heros to reduce my tier?

Raiding back up is both easier from a lower position and more fun.

Silver, gold or platinum doesn’t much matter as long as you are winning and enjoying it so rather than try and aim too high accept you current position and try to have fun again.

Cup dropping is as old as the game and it happens to some extent to all defences. If you saw my defence you might go “wow!” but I still get smashed back 2-300 cups when I get too high. Easy come, easy go.

Ultimately we just want to try and fill our raid chest in 8 matches. I’d concentrate on that to stay and over time more heroes will come as your team gets a bit better. F2P is walking the long slow road but there’s a lot of guides in the forum to help you. Don’t worry too much about raids but definitely find some of those threads. You’ll get a lot more from them I reckon.


Yup… I actually hate mono. Been there, done that, it was effective but also borring. 3-2 and 2-2-1 are giving me at least the same results - if not better. :slight_smile:


I guess try different team strategies. I’m actually using 2-1-1-1 right now. And it’s back to basics for me.

This is my current attack team. They don’t have strong tile damage except for partially strong dark tiles. So I use DOT to compensate for the lack of tile damage. It still works and I beat over a lot of standard/intermediate teams with this despite having 2 slow attackers. But I also know the limits of this team. Taunters (not including QoH)/c kad/sif are out of the equation.

So see what heroes you have. This team was conceived only because I managed to get C Rana to stack an additional DOT

If you don’t have a particular strong DOT team, maybe try a stronger semi stack like 3-2 or 2-2-1

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I have switched to a 4-1 and sometimes 3-2 model. It still comes down to tile production. I just do not get enough of my stacked colors to use my special skills before my team is devastated. I know lots of people have studied this but I am finding that my stacked color is coming late in the match, not early enough for me to use. I just need better heros I guess.

Can some one explain what I am supposed to do. These are my last 13 raid boards at the start. Nefore anyone points it out… there are two boards I forgotvtocget a screenshot on before made a move but neither of them usedxa purple so the purple you see is what I had to start… I took some suggestions from this thread and went with a 4-1 set up. First how is it statistically possible to have so many bad starting boards in terms of my stacked color and secondary color. Second does anyone have any suggestions for my team. The one I currently use is in the screenshots below. The one I was using is above.

This is the drawback for mono. It’s all about the tile damage, so you need to work on boards like this. Try to find matches until your desired tiles arrive

Don’t fret. I revenge raid when I feel like exerting myself for extra ham. The boards are still the same; the only thing that has changed:

  1. Formations
  2. Stronger newer heroes now in defence (constantly evolving, upwards, for sure)

I win my revenge raid if the board is cooperative (ie it’s workable somehow; and my team can activate some). Otherwise it’s a loss. Nothing to do with my attack team. It’s about 4650 to 4750.

I used to do perverse 3-2 or 2-2-1 experiments. Bring the “wrong colour”. Bring “the wrong mix”. Don’t allocate the right mana troops. You know what…, if the board is good, I win anyway, regardless.

If your opening board is not what is needed for your chosen attack team, enjoy the challenge, be it win or lose. If losing frustrates you, this game may not be the right fit for you cos board is dictated fully by the RNG board algorithm.

There are other types of puzzle games that do allow the attacker some form of board control. I know cos I play other rpg puzzle games too.


That’s 100% true. Skills, heroes and troops, all fade away when it comes to tiles. Boards decide the victor in this here game.

A tip for running mono or 4-1. Try to go against a team with a holy tank- specifically since you (the OP) are running a purple mono or 4-1. This will help a lot. In the 1st 2 pix you have posted, you went up against a garnet (fire/red) tank. Purples only do regular damage. You would have better results bringing a mono blue or blue-centric team.

I have been playing for 2+years and really enjoy playing mono. But i do have 5 mono teams, one of each color and, depending on the opponent tank, i use the color that would be best against the tank. I am far away from having a single mono team that can be used against all types of opponents.

Playing mono/4-1 is very different from normal gameplay. Sometimes you have to forego matching a diamond for a more strategic match- a match that would get rid of a lot of “useless” tiles, trying not to set off the opponents special, while setting up possible matches for your color.

First, you can’t use same one team against all opponents - I mean you can but you’re gonna keep losing.

Try making your team toward opponent tank or most dangerous hero in order to eliminate them. Sometimes you need to remove healer first or heroes like Alberich/M. North.

It is not easy but you have to build your team trying to mach best your heroes comparing them to oponents hero…

I appreciate the feedback. I recognize that you have to mix and match your hero’s to do well. I just do not have much in the way of options right now. My frustration is with the lack of tile production for my stack. It is not just the start but when they come. If I hang in long enough I do eventually get the tiles but it seems to be so late in the match. Not looking to leave game. I do really enjoy it. I just wanted to vent and see if others had the same experience.

Are you using the same team for all raids? That is often not the best strategy unless you are willing to reroll like crazy. Try tailoring your attack team to take advantage of any weaknesses in the defense. It often takes a long time to reach the point where you can do that, and you may not be at that point yet.

As for colours, that is to be expected. Your stacked colour will show up on average 20% of the time (which is 1 in 5). So having to cycle through the other four colours early 3 out of 4 is pretty normal.

Are you targeting your defense for emblems? That will result in a defense that is much stronger than your attack team, making it harder for you to raid. You need to also prioritize your attack heroes to keep them approximately equal.

It sounds like you need to work on more 4* heroes before moving on to 5*. More and stronger 4* will also help you in gathering more resources.

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