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Members of my alliance are voicing some concerns/frustrations and i’m just wanting to pass them along.

Primary issue is loot gained. Whether it from raids, titans, wars. It seems like the efforts put in aren’t reflected in the loot received and it makes playing frustrating. The time and patience put into the game loses it’s worth. We have members who hit the hardest and have the highest points in wars and yet they gain the worst loot. We feel as though loot won should be on a tiered structure of some sort.

Raids, matches don’t make sense. Players with Team Power in the hundreds lower than yourself win and then to take revenge, you don’t even get half the trophies back that you just lost.

Ascension Items, are lacking in availability. It seems likes it’s impossible to level or ascend our heroes unless we’re willing to pay for items, gems, etc. We feel like there should be a way to trade items within our alliance or even a global shop for members to trade and sell items to one another.

You have some very dedicated and loyal players, but it seems like the practicality of gameplay isn’t worth the time. We put a lot of patience and effort into it and in the end feel like we are left empty handed unless we pay to win.

Just a few things that we feel would make the game worthwhile for us who don’t want to have to shell out money

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