Frustrated - no tomes in loot in nearly 9 months!

Frustrated - no tomes in loot in nearly 9 months!

I’m so frustrated by certain aspects of this game…but by far, the most frustrating for me is the lack of certain ascension materials, especially the things needed to get my 5-Star heroes up to their maximum levels.

The worst for me is the TOTAL ABSENCE OF THE TOME OF TACTICS in any loot or other award for NEARLY NINE MONTHS!

I play the game multiple times per day, and I participate in every event, every war with my alliance, and every Titan). I literally go for every challenge and chest In short, I’ve been a very regular (and significant spender), and yet because I haven’t received a Tome of Tactics in so long (other than the one I had to BUY earlier today, for $20!) I now have FIFTEEN different 5-Star heroes, that have been JUST SITTING AT LEVEL 4-70 FOR MONTHS!

The lack of Tomes is the worst, because all heroes need it to ascend. Yet there are people in my Alliance who somehow have them in abundance.

Anyone else out there having the same catastrophic lack of Tome of Tactics?


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