Frozen Treasure

As a F2P player, Is the frozen treasure a good deal?
500 diamonds for a warm cool and a compass.

I am leaning towards yes since I can 5* through tc 20 and I am currently leveling a 5* rainbow team.

My offer calls for 500 gems. As a loewer end p2p, I cry foul.

I can’t read. Mine says 500 as well

I think these are really bad deals. I know early on 3* ascension items are a bit of a pain. But later you’ll be drowning in them. I have 43 warm capes and 45 compasses for instance. I have 40+ maxed 4 and 5s, so it’s not like I am hoarding.
Just saying 3
ascension items don’t have to be bought, just patience and grinding will get them fast enough.


Thank you for your input. I have a ton of compasses but capes have mostly eluded me. I have received equal amounts of capes and telescopes

With this advice I will just hold off and continue the game of patience.

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I have to agree that this is not a good deal. Compass and capes are obtainable through quests and events. Other sources (although random) are titans, wanted chests and mystic vision. As an f2p player, the only worthwhile things to spend gems on are hero summons (Atlantis or event), increased capacity for hero storage and speeding up chests.

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It’s not a stunning deal, but I bought it. I needed the Cape and was too impatient to wait for the RNG to bless me with one. Athena is now warm in her cape. Apparently she was also hungry as she preceded to devour Ulmer.


This in my opinion as a p2p , is a very crapy deal , this is why: the 3* mats are not so hard to get , but if you want, go for it …your call

It really depends on your priorities. I spend no gems on heroes (well, I did once and decided never again), but will use them to speed up chests and grab the energy pack whenever it comes around. I also don’t spend much in real dollars beyond the VIP pass, which I find to be worth it for the second builder alone.

With that said, for some reason blue likes me. ALOT. My first four-star was Kiril and my first five-star was Aegir. To date I have but four five-stars; Aegir, two Richards and an Evelyn. Sense a theme? Add in a second Kiril and I’m fifteen warm cloaks shy of being able to fully level everyone save Aegir (who is maxed at tier three and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future). So I look at it as a couple of solid Trainer’s Tools pulls, minus the crapshoot factor (and the blue trainer doesn’t hurt).

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