Frozen screen when loading the game

Hello! Ever since the last update, sometimes when i open the game, the screen is just black. No SG logo, no loading, it’s simply frozen. Usually after i close and open it again, it loads properly after the second attempt, but recently it’s starting to require two-three attempts in order to load. I have a galaxy s7, so the phone is not the issue, considering everything worked properly before the update. It is not a big issue, but it can get annoying since it starts to happen more and more frequently. Thank you!

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This also happened to me, a couple of times this morning. Game gets stuck on the black screen and the small giant games logo will not appear

I’d try treating it like a crash. Here’s the steps SG recommends for that:

It’s also possible that clearing the game cache will help, although I’d make sure I was on WiFi before doing that, since they’ll be re-downloading a lot of stuff afterward.

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After the launch of this new vs.20, when I start the game, a black screen appears and I cannot enter . At least other member of my alliance has the same problem.

What happens? Is it a bug? Everything was working perfectly before the new version.

Thanks for your help

@helenika2017 I moved your post to a report that sounded similar. Unfortunately, the OP of this thread didn’t update with whether they were able to resolve it.

Can you start with the troubleshooting article
that @Garanwyn linked to above, and let us know if any of it helps?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I had this happen to me since v20.0: using Galaxy s7. Today I got sick of it and used google…

Apparently this model does/can run into wifi connection problems - along with frozen/black screen my phone would also “drop” wifi connection randomly.

I’ve put a link to an article specifically for s7 users - apologies if not allowed mods.

The step that has worked for me is to remove power saving; since doing this the game loads normally the first time with no screen blackout.

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Yes I have recently noticed that when I switch to data, the game loads with no issues. Still interesting since this crashes never happened in the previous versions

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