Froze during war

The game just froze during my war battle, l lost my flag, the team l used and was issued no points cuz l didn’t get to finish

Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Hopefully the rest of your flags go much better!

Demand a world energy from the devs.

Yeah that sucks when it happens…

That’s unlucky, it’s happened to me once before wasn’t enjoyable

THIS IS THE 2nd TIME MY FIRST (and BEST) WAR team FROZE and kicked me out! I go back in and it says I already attacked and earned ZERO points!!! When I look at my team, all my BEST heroes are used up!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Seriously gonna quit this game if it happens a 3rd time. After all the work, effort and money spent to build up my team, only to be kicked during a WAR is crap…especially since this is the 2ND time for me.

This just happened to me. It wouldn’t load the battle, and I after about 5 minutes of a spooning wheel, I restarted the app, and I lost the flag, and the team I used is now benched. This is really annoying!

Well maybe put more time in picking a better name… as of right now your treated like a number

How reliable is your connection? That’s usually what kicks me off when it happens.

Is it me or does Marges special look like she’s a witch riding a broom

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