🎅 Frosty - 3* Ice/ Blue from Santa's Challenge (Winter) (NEW)

New Santa’s Challenge Hero in 2020 - Frosty!!


Rarity Element Class
Ice/ Blue
Mana Speed Attack Defense Health
Origin Family
Santa’s Challenge Winter
:dizzy: Special Skill: Joyful Backup
  • Recovers 32% Health for all Allies
  • Summons an Elf Minion for each ally with 10% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster
All-In-One Reference, courtesy of @Lumi
tap on image to view it fully

:hugs: Family Bonus

Christmas (Winter) Heroes now all have a family bonus for unique heroes of the same family.

Winter Family
Bonus for 2 / 3 heroes:

  • +5% / +10% health for Minions
  • +5% / +10% attack for Minions

:test_tube: Changes from Beta

There appear to be no changes to Frosty from the last-seen Beta stats, skill & design.

Beta Summary

From #beta-beat thread:

:thought_balloon: What do you think of Frosty?

This thread is for thoughts and discussion on Frosty.

Based on preferences Forum members have expressed, please try to stick mainly to Frosty and not wander off topic too much to other heroes.

Some Popular Questions for Discussion

  • Is Frosty worth summoning for?

  • Would you use Frosty on Defense? Offense? War? Quests/Events? Titans?

  • Which heroes on your Roster best pair with Frosty?

  • What heroes would you take when facing Frosty an opponent?

  • Would you give Frosty Rogue Emblems? Which Talent Grid path will you choose?

  • What do you think of Frosty’s special?

  • What do you think of Frosty’s character design?

  • If you Summoned Frosty and would like to post your results, please include some thoughts on why you Summoned Frosty, and whether/how you plan to make use of him.*

*NOTE: Summon Results posted without any commentary/feedback at all should be flagged as Off Topic and removed, based on preferences expressed by the Forum community. Please include some comments about what you think of Frosty when posting Summon Results. In addition to opinions about Frosty, you are also encouraged to include how many Summons it took before receiving Frosty (or how many Summons you’ve done without receiving Frosty), so other players are presented with realistic experiences of the rarity of Seasonal Event Heroes.

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Feedback Poll - Frosty (post release)

:question: Is Frosty worth Summoning For?

  • Yes, absolutely
  • Only if you’re summoning for other heroes
  • Not at all

0 voters

:question: What do you think of Frosty compared to other 3* Heroes?

  • Over Powered (OP)
  • Little stronger than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Little Weaker than Most
  • Completely Broken (Under Powered)

0 voters

:question: How many copies of Frosty is it worth keeping & levelling?

Note this will be roster dependent & not the same for all players.

  • None (zero)
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four +

0 voters

:question: How does Frosty’s Special Skill match his Base Stats?

Note this means his Class, Attack, Defence & HP Stat

  • Perfectly
  • Better than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Worse than Most
  • Terribly

0 voters

:question: What do you think Frosty’s Primary Purpose is?

  • Healer
  • Minion Maker

0 voters

:question: Is Frosty worth giving Rogue Emblems to?

  • Yes absolutely
  • Yes, but only if you are focused on Event Competition
  • Yes, compared to other 3* heroes
  • Hmmmm, not sure yet
  • No… Not at all.

0 voters

:question: Where do you think Frosty is best suited on defence (in a 3* arena)?

  • Left Wing
  • Left Flank
  • Tank
  • Right Flank
  • Right Wing
  • Not on defence at all.

0 voters

:question: How do you think Frosty will be best used?

  • PvP Raids/ War attack
  • Normal Defence
  • War Defence
  • Titans
  • Farming
  • Tournaments
  • Event Teams

0 voters


Winter? 20snowballs


It’s going to be a dark winter.


I think Frosty is first blue 3* healer that is very good.


Ho Ho Ho

I rage quit the game a while ago.

But for 3* blue mini Delilah, I will spend my last 5x Epic Hero Tokens



I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is a 3* hero worth specifically chasing for.


Will probably the best 3* blue in the game after this.


A blue 3* healer? Welcome home.:rofl::rofl:


Now he would be incredibly useful for current RT. Really late for the party.

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I got him from a single pull. :joy:


He was also my first summon in Christmas. Yay! Frosty is on the fast train to maxing.


Glad they released him with the heal and not with the defense buff. Very pleasant hero to have as a debris when you are chasing the legends.


All I can say is finally another 3* hero healer, besides Belith and Hawkmoon.

Now for them to add the other colors.

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And Grevle, don’t forget about Grevle.

But yeah, it’s a bit annoying when you have RT without green and you have to have red healer if you want to heal at all.

I really like him. He’s basically a blue 3* Delilah. Def gonna bring him to tournaments from now on. :stuck_out_tongue: Even in bloody, his minions can still help.


And C.FriarTuck is also great 3* healer too (without costume he is meh).

definitely happy to finally have a 3* Blue healer, who can help keep frailer Blues like Ulmer alive. and to have a 3rd color in the 3* arena that has a healer

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Which is why I’m leveling him fast to use in it.

Seems quite an interesting addiction. I would love to pull him, new healers are always welcome. Moreover i quite like his artwork and grumpy expression


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