Frostmarch question: lowest viable TP for warm capes?

I know the quest lists recommended TP for each level, but what do you guys think would be the lowest viable TP for completing the warm cape level? Asking for my alliance, we have a few lowbies who don’t necessarily need the capes yet but I figure they will eventually. Lowest has a TP just under 2000, I’m guessing warm capes are probably out of the question for him? Or not? Could he maybe pull it off if he brought 1000 healing pots? (and yes I know it’s impossible to bring 1000 battle items, just being hyperbolic)

Depends on the line up really, but with decent heroes, I would still give it a go with a team of 2000+ With battle items

Depends of his team and items available.

If he has at least 1 healer + Gunnar/Kailani, pretty sure it can be done, except if his 3 other heroes are red i guess :rofl:
Arrows + Axes are of great help also.

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Well then I guess my lowest level member won’t be able to do it. His best hero is a low level Li Xiu and half of his team are 2*. Figured that was a longshot anyway.

Okay, our second lowest does have a halfway leveled BT and an almost maxed Belith… let’s see… his current TP is… 2213. BT, Belith, Bane, Graymane and Renfeld. I don’t remember the rest of his roster exactly… think he also has a Carver and a Gan Ju? Probably not leveled yet. I’m half tempted to tell him to go for it, but I don’t want him to waste 12 flags for nothing.

Loading up on Green if possible is extra helpful too if possible

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If he can colour stack greens and gets good boards, plus healing, arrows and mana…

Okay. I think he has a Carver but I’m not sure if he’s put anything on it yet or not… I think I’ll tell him to go for it. Not like he really has much to lose. Right now he’s just mostly chasing backpacks anyway like most of the rest of us. :grin:

In my first month here I made it to P20 S1 with three A3 4* heroes and two of 3*. Gunnar was one of them. I couldn’t make it without him. I think the mission could be done with 3* heroes and battle items like axes and arrows. And Gunnar or Kailani. Don’t need defensive banners this way and two remaining spots could be used for healing and mana potions.

I had a alliance mate get the cape. He used 18 minor healing potions. Team power just a hair over 2200

I am sure a lower team can do it with more items.

My alt did it with no emblems using one turtle banner, belith brienne tuck mneusseus berden. I’m sure it can be done much lower.

It depends a lot on the heroes and the battle items they have. Someone moght be able to do it fairly easily with a 2k TP team,another player might have the completely wrong heroes and only basic battle items and will have trouble with their 2.2k team.

Theoretical answer to the original question: Probably about 800 TP would be enough if you brought one maxed Elkanen and timestops, tornardoes, 100% mana pots, and one of those shiny Hunter’s Lodge items :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I can typically make it through with 300 under, but that also depends on good boards
Battle items help, but they can be expensive

My 1st time making it through the final stage was Mount Umber with;

Team Power: 2539
Scarlett 3/60
Kelile 2/37
Valen 3/50
Ulmer 3/50
and Bane 3/50+10

Kailani/Gunnar plus a healer is an awesome combination that can take early players along way through the game until they have some 4*s

One of our lower members did it with a 2400-ish team, but she had a rough go and advised against trying it with anything lower.

1711TP is enough for that

You did a trap tool quest with 1711 TP? Congratulations, I tip my hat to you. :+1:


I remember tackling the 4th stage at around 200 to 300 below the recommended but I still spammed health and mana pots. Had to keep Brienne and Grimm alive at all times at any cost.

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