Frostmarch.... last level kicked me out

I was in the middle of the last level in frostmarch and the game glitched and kicked me out. Took all 20 flags from me and I got nothing. This is very frustrating since it takes for ever to load the flags back up and the event is over in 20hrs. Is there anything that can be done. I really needed the telescope.

Use world energy flask to refill flags instantly

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Lol, I use every single world energy flask I have during Atlantis Rises.

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Sorry, but if the glitch was on your device, for whatever reason, you probably won’t get any help.

If it was a server problem, SGG usually gives compensation to anyone who was affected (a WE flask, based on their server logs) - I’ve received a couple of those.

If it’s any consolation, there’s still around 18 hours left on Frostmarch. Plenty of time to save another 20 WE and try again.

You do realise that 20 flags takes exactly the same time for you as everyone else and that 20 flags takes almost precisely exactly 200 minutes? I’m fairly certain that that gives you a margin of 16 hours unless i am more limited than I thought?
I had connection issues yesterday and Google Play just said “Sorry dude; but NO more!!”. I got it sorted but it took some effort as only Google Play was unresponsive. Things happen to all of us sometimes.

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