Frosth vs Russula

Starting next blue project. In a vacuum, offense, events, titans.

Frosth or Russula?

Lord Loki, Skadi, Snow are my only leveled 5* blues.

My full roster can be found there.

Russula 100%

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Big fan?

Frosth can make your slow or average heroes fire their skills like they are a bit faster than their normal mana speed. This hero needs other minion summoners to maximize his skills though.


:joy: I always try and think of creative ways of hitting my 20 word target, have obviously run out of ideas :bulb:

What does “In a vacuum” mean ?

It means the hero is not at work and is cleaning the house dressed on an apron and carrying something bulky that sucks almost anything on its path. :crazy_face:


Doesn’t “In a vacuum” mean the hero that be sucked by those house dressed heroes ? :smile:


In a vacuum, like on their own, not figuring in external factors. I don’t have a deep bench so more wondering who would be good without having to rely on synergies with other heroes to be great. So if one is only good in Mono, I probably wouldn’t do that. Sorry if I am not making sense lol

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Looking at your full bench, I would go with Russula. She is going to work best in mono or mixed groups and you will probably get more use out of her. Her attack power is very high so she is going to be great against titans. She should also work very well in offense and defense. Probably stronger on offense as you want to use her strategically.

I like Frosth a lot, but he is geared towards boosting other minion heroes. Specifically, those heroes with stronger minions. You have Telly, but her minions are on the weak end of the spectrum. If you get heroes like Seshat, Bera or Freya, you may want to start looking at Frosth. Boosted minions make map stages and events a lot easier (looking at you Ninja Tower).

As for titans, minions eat up the clock way too much for what they add. They do more harm than good when it comes to high scores.

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I found Frosth useful with those ninja lantern minions so you don’t even need to bring another summoner to NT for him to have a role there.

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I absolutely love Russula and am working on a second one now.


Great points. All very helpful!

Yup. I used him at 70 with a second 70 Freya on the upper levels with great success. After the Freya got cursed out, I still used him for a couple more levels, but at 70, him and and the minions went down too fast.

Im also thinking of maxing him or Russula. If I hit 12 scopes (I hang onto 6 in case I get Finley or Loki), Ill probably flip a coin. I have most of the minion heroes so Frosth is a little more useful for my bench. Its fun, if not novel, to see Seshat minions at 744 HP and attack buffed by Freya and Frosth.

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I hope to pull Bera Freya, if I do he will go to the top of my list, I have total 12 scopes now so I will probably start on Russula, build scopes back up to 12 and move to Frosth. Seems like I will get more use out of Russula until I get other minion heroes.

I don’t have Finley but I can confirm, Loki is a fun hero to play.

I have the same issue. I have a lot of ascension materials but I’m torn whether to max one now or wait for the circus and the next season 4 hero. I’ve had good luck getting season 4 heroes. I’ve gotten them all with coins except Elizabeth and Moreau, which I got on 10 pulls.

Russula looks interesting, but I have a load of minion heroes maxed and even more at 3/70. So that has me considering Frosth.

This is a picture of my current situation. I’m not sure if I should max Russula, Frosth or wait to see how the circus freaks pan out or wait to see what the next season 4 hero is.

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