Frosth - Situations of when and how to use

I recently pulled the new HOTM Frosth.

I understand his +30% HP and +30% attack stack.

I see the possibility of using with Glenda… That might work ok.

But I’m reading people saying he will compliment other minion creators like Bera? Potentially you could replace her stronger minions with a weaker minion… Just to create a stronger minion… So I’m not so sure.

I’m seeing possibilities on map stages due to the stacking… i.e. you could use a few mana potions to get the minions on steroids… But after the third activation those strong minions start to get replaced by new weaker minions?

When using him on his own. his second activation makes his first minions stronger. And as they weaken you are strengthening the next line of minions… And so on. But i don’t how much of a production line will be created seen as though you need 2 activations without losing a minion to even get any strength in the first instance.

So I’m not sure about leveling him up. But then again could be a PITA, with evade and resisting fire damage and self cleansing any other ailments…

Anybody had any real experience testing him yet?

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