Frosth – 5* Ice/ Blue - April 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I just got his special maxed so nerf away now :joy:

Ah, for some reason i didnt think of that it could be a bug in the game that cause the stats to be like this. I dont know why i didnt think of that. I thought it was a design choice. It makes sense that it could be a bug in the game that causes Frosth’s special attack stats to be maxed out even at level 1/8, indeed. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Not that useful I don’t think. If it was attached to a hit-3 like Malicna maybe but I can’t see a summoner being any good

Unlucky with 4* or 5* of events,but having second Frosth…
No idea if any use of both…
Previously had 2 Glenda… still working towards my Skadi and Krampus :exploding_head:

I would swap my second Frosth for other HOTM :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Mr. Chris, sometimes investments are no good…:woozy_face:

Which lips? :laughing::scream::crazy_face:
You mean Skadi vs. Frosth? :face_with_monocle:

I started using him regularly in my blue stacks where he acts to help slow and average hitters dominate.

My thoughts - he’ll charge in 7-8 tiles - and then he 1) provides a meat shield to survive, and 2) elemental link charges my average or slow heroes in 2-3 turns.

So him or magni? Give me him when paired with isarnia, Skadi, frida, Richard, etc. then watch the full team die.

If you run a team of fast snipers, then I don’t think you’ll get as much of a perk from him.

Separately, you can also use him as a minion buffer - QoH, LoTL, etc, all love him. And from a bunch of raids, it’s pretty rare that I’m stuck with not firing special to avoid kicking out a “better” minion - and if I’m so lucky to charge that many specials, I’ll probably win regardless!

Hope that helps frame him up!


Which one ?

If you have Vela, her attack down stacks with Crystalis. They make a great pair

I dont have vela i think frosth good choice for me.

If you think Frosth is a good choice for you then go for it. Crystalis is the better hero IMO.

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I’m loving him at 3-69. He’s a great hero! Paired him with Ariel, Magni, Finley and Fenrir, and it’s a ton of fun!

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May I suggest something which works for me ever since no-luck-Kingston 250 pulls from me?

Save all your gems and coins for desired HOTM, pull on events only (or any day you so desired). Just pull maximum of 10 at a time, 20-30 pulls max a day, preferably different timing. You might be itching to continue to pull, don’t. Essentially you will be pulling about 60-80 ( I only pull 10 at a time a event day; sometimes 20) per event max. If you don’t get, wait for next event. Repeat. You will get eventually.

I got Frosth, Uraeus, Bertilla (in between I got Capt Kestrel, Finley, Jade) and last year’s hero’s via this method.


I’d say yes definitely. His elemental link helps mono team massively; counters GM, fast, cleanse ailment when minion is killed. I’m having fun with him at highest level of raid and Quest even with him at 3-68

He’s awesome. He makes legendary quest seems fun and at times easy even at 3-70. I’m using him at 3-68 now, his elemental link boost my mono team tremendously

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Thanks for the advice but you are a bit late giving it. S3 isvalready over for this month.

Yeah I’ve done similar, I’m fully banking pulls when I get an HOTM, so that when I’m having dry luck one month I have a stockpile to do lots of pulls saved up. Frosth I got in 6 hours from the start of the month so all my April pulls are accumulating for next month. I may start doing exceptions for portals with featured heros I need or want, like costume Marjana or guardians to get panther, but I’m trying to stop accumulating dupes and with lowering my spending, I can still keep my perfect HOTM streak going. To get Bertilla I went through 78 saved Valhalla pulls, so you never know.


Any suggestions on emblems? Attack > Defence > Health?

I don’t get too hung up on it now. From Grezul onwards the only HOTM I didn’t get was Jean Francois who, ironically, was the one I chased the hardest for. Lessons were learnt that month. Just do the summons you normally do and they either drop or they don’t. And since JF they’ve always dropped. That probably makes me crazy lucky since I don’t do hundreds of summons a month (again…only ever that month for JF…)

I could see how dangerous that rabbit hole could get. Don’t fall over the edge!

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