Frosth – 5* Ice/ Blue - April 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Yes they are both worth to combo together

I would consider myself as competitive and I think he will be very useful for me. If I put him on my mono blue I can replace vela and his eventually will buff up richard so he can fire right after frida which will be huge for me. I can’t afford another level 17 troop to get him to 9 tiles otherwise.

The other big win is on autofarming - him and noor will significantly increase the survivability of the team and reduce my participation in the most boring aspects of the game.

Finally he should be quite effective for ninja tower


It’s similar to malicnas. Malicna basically undoes the freya/bera cut in one turn. I think it is supposed to be around 0.8 tiles’ worth of mana per turn


Who deserves scopes first? Glenda or Frosth?

Current blue roster: Raffaelle, Skadi, Vela, Costumed Richard, Misandra.

Current minion summoners: Delilah, Telluria, Costumed Kadilen (on dodge), Bertila (on special), Uraeus (on special).

Frosth seems nice, but I don’t have many summoners to pair him with.

I’d say Glenda as she is a decent hit-3, with some extra benefits. I have yet to level Frosth to compare the two. He is good to give more mana and provide a small amount of “healing” via minions.

Since you have Skadi, she would most likely prevent people from using Noor against Frosth if you used them on the same team.

So it may come down to your play style. Hard to judge Frosth as he was just released and I haven’t faced him yet

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Glenda seems better as she can buff both skadi and Richard.

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Stats look quite impressive but there is a problem.

Aside from Bera (minions) there are no other heroes that do real damage.

A team of snipers will dispatch this team one by one.

Example team could be:
Costumed Kiril

by the time there many strong minions at least 2 defence heroes will be out.

after that is just ghosting tiles and taking the others out too.

Bera is annoyingly scary but she needs other heros that do damage. And she needs to be tank.

Frosth tank is not good since he needs existing minions that he can boost, He should be a flank.

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I’m actually curious to see how much damage frosth and freya would do on titans. minion damage is not to be scoffed upon on titans when you have Freya. She has consistently dealt 60k and more on my dark stack, and that is without panther on my team

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To me minions would only lower titan’s score as they would eat away the 01:30 timer without having a meaningful impact.


With Freya it would be significant

How are averaging your minions’ hits (just their damage, not the end result)? I don’t have Freya to compare.

Well I admit that I need to mana pot Freya once and use 1 time stop to get 3 layers of ravens out within that 1 minute mark, she’s averaging a 200+ damage per hit. So about 3000 damage per turn. and that damage doesn’t even factor dark defence down from panther. As I only have -44% Def down with Cheshire cat. It really contributes something it you don’t have a good board. Because even if it’s a 3 damage one chain, you’re guaranteed 3000+ damage on that turn. and if you score a good three to four chain that, it’s an additional 3000+ damage on top on that. The time, it takes about 2 seconds for all 15 ravens to hit

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The issue is more that minions take time.

Essentially minion strikes is <<< than even one tile striking on colour (worse if you consider that it coulda been a mega cascade that gets missed at the end because minions soaked up extra time).

Sure you can boost the chances of a half-decent output with items but… The same applies also to the straight up damage…


I treat that more as ‘insured’ damage. You are guaranteed that amount of damage no matter how well or poorly you did on that turn. Kind of like a mega DOT

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I recently pulled the new HOTM Frosth.

I understand his +30% HP and +30% attack stack.

I see the possibility of using with Glenda… That might work ok.

But I’m reading people saying he will compliment other minion creators like Bera? Potentially you could replace her stronger minions with a weaker minion… Just to create a stronger minion… So I’m not so sure.

I’m seeing possibilities on map stages due to the stacking… i.e. you could use a few mana potions to get the minions on steroids… But after the third activation those strong minions start to get replaced by new weaker minions?

When using him on his own. his second activation makes his first minions stronger. And as they weaken you are strengthening the next line of minions… And so on. But i don’t how much of a production line will be created seen as though you need 2 activations without losing a minion to even get any strength in the first instance.

So I’m not sure about leveling him up. But then again could be a PITA, with evade and resisting fire damage and self cleansing any other ailments…

Anybody had any real experience testing him yet?

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My view on most of the opinions here are most having tunnel vision as they pick on a certain ability. Only not as bad as the Ankorogg and Thor threads.

I am currently using him in the 4th tier with no emblems.

He is not great on defense but not bad. Great on offense in a blue stack with or without any minion makers.


Even on blue stack, he is a defence player… i.e. To offer protection…
Am i going to let him take up the place of magni or Fenrir?..i think i would prefer to just kill the enemy rather than strengthen glendas minions.

I don’t Think i will be using him unless they change it so if all 3 minions slots are full he just adds buffs and keeps strengthening the existing minions rather than replacing them with weaker ones.

Depends on your stack but he is not a defense player. He is a support hero.

I am not sure what your stack is. Asking for ridiculous skills is just ridiculous.

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I just pull him. He is my first HotM. At least, he is a minion summoner. Not as great as Freya and Bera. But at least, he is better than Reuben.

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