Frosth – 5* Ice/ Blue - April 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

What is the amount of mana he provides?

Is it like Alby 0.8tiles?

Anyone test the mana gain with Ariel?

My vote goes to Ariel.

I got Frosth and I like him. I don’t have minion makers to pair him with though, so he doesn’t help me in raids or wars much. However, he is great on map stages where he can fire enough to have 3 strong minions on each hero, which half kills the bosses for you. Where he really shines for me though is on the NT. Combined with the lantern bonus, he a constant meat shield maker. I got to the top of the tower for the first time and it was with a lot of help form him.


I ended up going with Ariel and it worked out well. I’m working on frosth now but will have to decide if he’s worth the capes. I imagine he’d pair well with my Freya.

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He is totally worth it. If you play with him on mono blue he is even better.

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In my blue mono I use Rafael as a healer. He is quite sturdy and heals very well, but the problem is that he is slow. Before I started using Frosth, it used to happen, that some of my heroes were already dead before Rafael has charged.
Frosth was a major improvement in my blue mono, because minion helps keep my heroes alive before Rafael charges and what is more - Rafael charges faster.

What is also interesting - sometimes my heroes are almost dead and only minion keeps them alive (works like an addition health), then Rafael can bring them still to 50% heal at once.


Frosth + Noor = minion insanity

(I’m sure it’s the same for Frosth + Bera/Freya but I don’t have those so I can’t speak from experience there)

I have the pairing of Frosth and Noor in this blue/red attack team:
Raffaele - Lady Loki - Costume Elena - Noor - Frosth

My big problem with Noor used to be that, while her minions are strong, her special is slow (as are C. Elena and Raffaele’s specials). But Frosth’s special is fast and gives the team an early line of defense and better survivability. Noor bides her time until it’s time for her minions. Noor’s minions themselves have 505 health, after 1 Frosth special 656 and after 2 specials 852. If the team reaches 3 minions each, that’s a defense around 1500 health. Once that defense is up, the team is almost unstoppable. C. Elena lets the opponents damage themselves and Lady Loki flings any nasty status ailments right back at them. I save Raffaele’s special for if the opponent still somehow manages to get through that massive wall of minions.

If C. Elena or Lady Loki isn’t needed (depending on the opposing team) they can be swapped for a red or blue sniper.

This formation can be quite powerful in raids. I’ve taken hits from snipers that dealt 1100+ damage and didn’t even chip away any health of my hero. Even Cobalt, who I feared for his x3 mana charge special, doesn’t get through the defense once the minions are up!


I am really interested of your experience…

My only minion summoners are:

I also have Glenda…

Now Frosth is almost 70 and I have the mats to ascend him…

But I do not have any other minion summoner what considered good…

I do not have Raffaele but LB.Kiril…

Do you think that I could build a strong minion team around Telluria-Frosth-Noor?

No teams are invincible but yes you can with Telly tank Frosth flank and Noor wing if defense.

Blue right now is a mess for me. Frosth at 2/60. Glenda at 3/70. C.Boril 3/60. Frank 3/1.

I have a dozen capes but only 1 telescope.

Maxed blue are krampus, Ariel, c.kiril, and grimm.

I’d like to see how frosth paird with my Freya but not sure I’d spend the scopes on him when I get them.

Also short on 4* tanks so Boril is appealing even if not a great hero.

Any advice? Should I give frosth the capes and be stuck at 3/70 possibly indefinitely?

Also have Richard and isarnia at 1/1.

Frosth would probably be there for extra support with his element link. I would train Frank as he has more utility than isarnia and Frosth can help him out a little. On farming quests frosth is worth every scope he gets.

It depends on your play style and roster.

Frosth excels at mono blue. You pair him with Krampus and Glenda he gives 2 advantages.

He gives the mana bonus to them which enables them to fire faster.

2nd the minion bonus which would be icing on the cake. Care to try a Krampus tank flanked by Frosth. For the opponent gamble on a mono green team. Either of them fire first would already secure half the raid.

1 telescope, so you will probably have to wait at least a few months.
Frosth is really good and probably already useful at 3.70. But I would still do 4* heroes first.
Max boril and costume and you have a really nice hero for raid tournaments. Also frank, finish him. If you leave him on 3.1 all the feeders you put into him are wasted.
He is great for rush war/tournaments. He can be useful for titans although there probably grimm is enough.

After that and if you don’t have anything new I would ascend frosth and bring him to 3.70. He there is at least usable and you can play a little bit with him and freya and when the last scope comes you should be able to decide if he’s worth it for you.

I’ve been using a blue mono for raids (Frosth, Ariel, Krampus, Vela, Theo) and it’s been quite a fun team to play with. Despite Frosth only at 3/70, but very fun to play around with what he can do with a mono team.

I had a decision between Frosth and Frida for scopes and what made it for me to take Frosth to 4/80 first was that his higher stats will improve his minions where Frida at 3/70 was already a great improvement over Nordri on my blue titan stack.

Remember to emblem minion makers with attack and health, to beef the minions up further and avoid defense when possible.

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