Frosth – 5* Ice/ Blue - April 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

My Grimble would love to see you try it :smiling_imp:

Like Κadilene with SesHat on the other side

grimble would get through Noors super minions ? even skadi cannot wipe noors minions

Yes, because destroying minions is part of his special. He doesn’t get through them by doing damage; his damage comes afterwards. The only minions he can’t affect currently are Telluria’s and Vela’s because of the nature of their passive resistance. He can still gallop over them and damage them though.

Noor’s minions do the same - destroy all minions that aren’t Telluria’s or Vela’s, regardless of their strength. But she doesn’t run over them with a goat.


Grimble will eat them, no matter how strong they are :smiley:

Oh, and so does C. Gormek.

Only telluria. Vela is imun against minion effects, so she doesn’t take damage from other minions and is imun against the manacut from Lotl or the minion removal from noors minions.
But grimble kills minions with his special skill, so Vela’s minions die like every other.


Ah, I was getting confused with Noor, as you say. Anyway, the point is, however much Frosth and Freya beef them up, them minions is toast when Goatboy gets going.

So in defense I’ve replaced Glenda+18 with Frosth and I get the feeling I get much less attacked, probably because people tend to avoid minion setups if they don’t have good counters. The win rate has gotten a slight improvement with Frosth, but almost not noticeable.

I’m not sure I’m using the best order for Freya/Frosth, and as soon as I get their Emblems beefed up, is like to try Frosth or Freya as tank.

The best thing with Frosth is that I can use him, Freya and Heimdall (or Gullinbursti) to auto play. I’ve auto played all stages in the Guardian legendary event , except the final one where I died for the first time.

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Just having fun with him to see how far I can get with the minions.

My Seshat only has 6 talent nodes and Frosth is 3-70. Still, 744 HP per minion is kinda silly. Cant see attack, but when I tested with a strong color, the minions can hit with triple digits.

But as I said, a little silly and not the most practical thing in the world. Frosth is really made to team up with other minion heroes as thats all he really does (the mana boost isnt game breaking). Freya and Bera would be better choices if you were only going to use one minion hero. If I was running mono, Id rather have Ariel.

Ive got some scopes to burn and I am considering maxing him. Maybe team him up with Freya or Seshat on undead minion Wars. As Freya is my favorite Ninja Tower hero to use, I wouldn’t mind adding him to the bench so I can quickly be done with that grinding headache.

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Noor is too passive for any raid defense team.

Frosth, Seshat and Kadilen could work together.
I dont see real value for Mica there, especially on wing.

Mica can only be used on defense if you have another defense buffer along (in case they turn def down on you+shared dmg) or if you are strong in protections vs ailments

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How’s frosth in a mono blue team?
My current mono team is cKiril, Cobalt, Glenda, magni and krampus.
Would he pair well replacing one of those in such a mono? Does he fit?

I’ve got Alice as well still i think she wouldn’t bring anything new to the table.

Big fan mostly for the mana gain for slow or average heroes. Would slot frosth in for any fast hero on the list and you’ll get to fire your team in 7-8 tiles

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Frosth seems to work quite well with other minioners, especially Seshat. I wouldn’t let the fact that there are minion-eaters out there, like Grimble, dissuade you from trying that team out. Not everyone has such heroes. Good luck.


Frosth would be great with Krampus. Leaving 3 spots for killers and or a healer. You might not even need the healer…


I had pulled a Frosth but wasn’t too impressed with him. I think maybe I underestimated. That brings a question for me as well…

I have enough scopes to ascend one of the following:
Glenda, Frosth, or Ariel

Krampus is my only maxed blue but I do have Richard sitting at 1/1.

It may be relevant to know I also have Freya almost maxed.

Any thoughts?

Ariel , always Ariel.

Agree. However, we do not know if @nonserviam1 has other 5* healers, nor his emblem situation.

My ranking:

  1. Ariel
  2. Frosth - can boost both Krampus and Freya’s minions
  3. Glenda

I have no other currently usable 5* healers so I guess Ariel makes sense. I was saving the scopes specifically for her but thought it would be prudent to ask.

I have a Vivica sitting at 1/1. I can start on her but I planned on advancing Joon as soon as I get 2 more darts (one of which will be from Valor). Currently my yellows are going to finish Gullinbursti who’s only a few levels away from max.

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If you like passive gameplay, heal etc than Ariel…
If you focus on Attack than Genda…
If you need a minion maker, than Frosth

Ariel can be replaced by a Kiril+c.Sonya combination…
Glenda hits hard and supports the Blue stack… and the all-rare cleanse… (so u can use c.Kiril… Glenda can cleanese)
Frosth is only a minion-maker but a good one…

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