Frosth – 5* Ice/ Blue - April 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

That’s what I want to say :+1:

I have freya, noor, puss in boots, and krampus all with 20 emblems. Frosth with finish out a deadly minion defense.


He does not need a support of other summomers, he is the support for them. That is kind of the point of his existence. Analyzing what he does without taking into account this synergy with other summoners is not very informative tbh.


Ironically I want him not because of the minions or his skills but for the blue stack. Fast with mana boost would make him really good.
And I feel that if he would to summon minions only for himself and nearby allies, he would actually be quite OP in minion teams. Because by doing this, other summoners’ minions can benefit from his skill and not be bumped off by his Frost minions

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I also got him and see some kind of use, I think he will be nice to play in a blue stack together with Krampus who I also have. Even so I agree he is very situational and fast mana is simply not enough nowadays… He is a B- grade for me, I understand people for who he is a C, although a C was Noor and I think Frosth should be a bit more useful.

One of the problems I can see is that he buffs other minions, so first thought is to use him with other minion makers - but the issue here is that you only have 3 minion “slots”, so the buffs will be overwritten with new minions. I think an interesting choice would be to add a line to his current special: “if an ally has 3 minions, only the buff is applied”. That would be something powerful, maybe even too much :slight_smile:

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He could be useful to pair with a “special” minion maker such as Red Hood, Lady of the Lake, Queen of Hearts and Bera or to avoid healing restriction’s.

He serve his purpose and his ascension is also justified for every “mono-player”.


Red Hood’s minions will never attack.

On top of that, even if we got some berserker mode one day that forces everything to attack (sick special idea, SGG, do it!), their attack stat is zero.

That’s not to say Frosth doesn’t play well with her foxes however. Any minion that has its own special (Noor, Seshat, Red Hood, LotL, etc) can really benefit from this HOTM.

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Skadi is licking her lips thinking about it.


Anyone emblemed him up yet? Health > def > attack? Or attack > def to support minion baby slash attacks?


Just pulled him. Will max him instantly and see how well he pairs with Lady of the lake and Freya.



Please do report back on your findings. I have Freya and would love to know what the combo of Frosth and Freya would be. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m ready to emblem him, and was wondering the same.

A teammate suggested HP>Def>Attack (since he’s a minion maker)

Just thought I’d look for a little more agreement, since I’ve around 500 emblems.

I’ve got 300 tickets and 60 refills, so I’m going all in for backpacks and heroes in the upcoming Atlantis farming. Hopefully I’ll be able to have them all fully leveled within a month or so.

I went with health+attack for LOTL and o think it’s a mistake. In the end you want those minion makers to survive. If they can’t fire once, your buffed minions won’t come in to play.

I’m leaning towards Def>health>attack for all support and healer heroes. But I have no math behind it, just my untrustworthy gut feeling.


Attack from minions is indeed negligible. My Lotl is full defense>pv, and I think this is the best way for her and many minion makers.

My only flip side is to do health over def, since minions get a percent of health. Feels like a slight bonus there

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This might be known info, but was playing with the mana gain from elemental link…

Frosth + c isarnia.

C Isarnia fully charged with 9 tiles and 4 turns of mana gain with a level 1 mana troop.

C isarnia fully charged with 8 tiles and 4 turns with a level 23 mana troop

Seems like a big plus for frosth - makes him feel a bit Grimble-y, without relying on a minion maker opponent


Have you played with noor and freya? Their minion attack is massive.

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Could maybe someone that has him Test him to find out how much % the Mana gain is per round ?

Would be great to know! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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